November 03, 2010

Another Day for Change?

Libertarian Party booth, Seattle Hempfest, 2007.Image via WikipediaHere we go again. For yet another time the masses will look to place their faith into fresh faces and new blood. Just as occurred during the last cycle two years ago the victors will portray it as a vindication of their chosen ideology. Like religion, like politics - both tend to put blinders onto the supporters of a preferred brand, seeing all the evils opposite while their side is always on the right track - "we just need some more time - that's all!" Of course, the real problem with this false dichotomy is that most see it merely as a choice between one or the other party, never pausing to reflect on whether it might perhaps be that the system as a whole is broke!

Somehow I think that whichever side either gains or retains the ascendancy today, we'll all be singing the same tune in about two years time. Did I hear someone say  "..the more things change..."? Maybe to spare us all from the 'rescuers'a gridlocked result would do the least harm.

Here is another perspective on what may be developing from The Daily Bell: Libertarian Wave?

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