November 17, 2010

Which Way Is Up?

End of Liberty

As we draw ever closer to the major turning point that lies in our not-too-distant future, the clamor from those who now begin to see more clearly the dangers and abuses we must endure from those in authority will get louder until it approaches fever pitch. The embedded video End of Liberty which recently became available is a must-view for anyone who today still entertains the notion of living in a 'free' society. The irony is that while those who by accident of birth now live under so-called repressive regimes already view governmental actions with a healthy degree of skepticism and suspicion, such views are quite often derided by the mainstream media in supposedly democratic regimes. Quite simply, the majority are either too busy trying to eke out a living and afraid to "rock the boat", or they have become blinded by the propaganda and are now convinced that the only way they can remain safe is to vote their remaining rights away into the hands of Big Brother!

Though the creators of this otherwise-excellent video manage to arrive at the wrong conclusion in terms of the specific economic bogeyman which will play the role of star villain this time around (a common error for those who sense the danger but misunderstand its origins), it however proves its worth in sounding the alarm bells (for those who have ears to hear) that we have begun to descend the 'slippery slope'. Unfortunately the call to buy Gold & Silver comes about 2-3 years early as a MAJOR top is due early in the coming year and, despite the prognostications of economists regarding the impending demise of the US Dollar, it is instead headed towards a 'last hurrah' over a similar period. This will lead the majority to again disparage the views of those who insist that we should be stocking up on the precious metal now. If you listen closely and read between the lines of this documentary it becomes easily discernible that states and municipalities are already being squeezed by declining revenues and many edge closer each day to bankruptcy - a condition with which way too many individuals and more than a few once-vibrant companies have now become acquainted. As the masses prepare for the wrong enemy they will be caught unawares and devastated by the looming tsunami of DEFLATION!

It remains an sobering fact that, whatever actions the Government or its financial cop - the Federal Reserve, take at this time will be powerless to arrest a decline that has already been baked into the depression pie that will be eaten worldwide over the coming years. They do however, have the ability to make the situation a whole lot worse through misguided actions as has occurred over the recent past. There are many fundamental reasons as to why we are all now in this collective boat that seems set to descend from the upper to the lower levels of the Niagara Falls - I will attempt to share my views on this in upcoming articles. Until then if you have not already done so, please make or find the time to view this outstanding video - it may assist in starting to prepare you mentally for what clearly lies ahead.
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