March 19, 2011

Legalized Slavery

Think the biggest problem we face at this time is terrorism? - fact is, the chances of you making your exit from planet Earth from that threat are but a very tiny fraction of the many mundane perils including killer diseases, car/plane crashes and criminal activity from everyday living. Well then, how about global warming? - not likely, since warming/cooling cycles have been around as long as the Earth itself and all evidence (not the hype) suggests we are about to start the next cycle of global cooling, though billion$ will be made by some in cashing in on our fears. No, by far and away the biggest source of problems faced by humanity at the dawn of the new millennium is the deliberate and organized enslavement of just about the entire human race by world governments (collectively referred to in the Good Book as the Wild Beast). Under the guise of protecting us all from some danger they strip us of our essential rights and in many cases our dignity as human beings. Authoritarianism has become the norm globally regardless of the type of regime. While it is easy for those in the West to see the dangers of tyranny under one-man rule or rule by a small clique as obtains under communist or fundamentalist societies, they fail to appreciate that dictatorship by the majority - as the Founding Fathers warned was the real danger with unbridled democracy, can prove equally detrimental.

The article below does an excellent job of exposing the hazards of attempting to corral humankind in order to provide a comfortable prison. More about this unnatural and wrongheaded approach which is ultimately and rightfully doomed to fail, to be explored in my future articles.

Practicing the Principles of Non-Intervention - At Home and Abroad

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