October 08, 2011

A Tale Of Two Presidents

The 21st century heralded the arrival of bait-and-switch presidents. First came the 'compassionate conservative' who proved to be neither nor - and who decried 'nation-building' in the strongest terms, only to later proceed on the greatest 'nation-building' campaign of any to have ever held that office. His successor having promised to bring to a close the many overseas conflicts in which the country had become bogged down, chose instead to escalate both the number and intensity of wars waged by an aging empire seeking to reassert its waning world hegemony. Today his principal campaign slogan "Change We Can Believe In" is remembered as little more than a sick joke - as his presidency has so far turned out no better and in many ways far worse than a third term of his now reviled predecessor.

There are many of us who believe that the highest officeholder in the land proceeded to become little more than a figurehead after the successful coup d'├ętat staged almost half a century ago by ruthless internal forces who went on to firmly consolidate their hold on power with a spectacularly successful false-flag attack now already a decade old. Following is a noteworthy comparison of a 21st-century puppet president with the last authentic leader before a once-respected constitution was overthrown.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tale Of Two Presidents

“But many other more telling facts indicate that Obama is but a figurehead of an unelected government in the US. This unelected power of corporate elites – commercial, financial, military – governs with the same core policies regardless of who is sitting in the White House. Whether these policies are on social, economic or foreign matters, the elected president must obey the direction ordained by the unelected elite. That kind of untrammeled power structure conforms more closely in practice to dictatorship, not democracy.”
Finian Cunningham

“A supposedly transformative president normalizes the criminal perversions of his predecessor and appears to have the fight in him only to beat the legacy of FDR into an unrecognizable pulp.”
Jeff Wells

When one starts studying the political and corporate forces that John F. Kennedy skirmished with behind the scenes in the alley ways of government, one can get a sense of how great this silent and hidden struggle was. Kennedy’s battles are only now coming to light and add more credibility that there were many that would not mind seeing him dead. Just follow the trail and see who all benefited. Everybody has a motive here except the man credited with the crime.

From the military industrial establishment lusting for war in Southeast Asia, to the contractors positioning themselves for a piece of the action, to the independent paramilitary operations being conducted by the CIA, to the host of other power brokers tucked away in their fiefdoms, John F. Kennedy stands now as the lone man standing in opposition to them. In many ways he is the last authentic President the United States. He attempted to govern as if the buck really did stop with him. These corporate and political powers are the ones with the greatest motive to stop him and have a far greater motive to assassinate the President than the man credited with the crime.

JFK may have understood that not only would these hidden power brokers rule the People from a distance but might also control any future President.

Strange Days Have Found Us
Which brings to the modern era with Barak H. Obama, the most mysterious man ever elected President of the United States. In the past, the public has not been privy to various personal details regarding the lives of their leaders. Franklin Roosevelt was never seen in a wheelchair and the press conspired with him in this regard. John Kennedy’s dalliances with numerous women, were unknown till years later as was his Addison's disease; a serious illness that nearly took his life as a young man. His successor, Lyndon Johnson we know was one of the most amoral and uncouth human beings that ever lived. Other Presidents had issues only lately coming to light.

With Barak Obama, even is less is known and to the point of being a total mystery, his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, not withstanding. He’s a man who seemingly walked out of a fog. Other than having a wife and two daughters his experience with women is unknown. (Where are the girlfriends? All of these politicos are haunted by them.) The controversy over his birth records aside, there are virtually no existent records available on him. All educational records from Kindergarten through law school are sealed or not available; thesis papers do not exist; no Harvard Law Review articles, a requirement to be the editor which Obama briefly was, have ever been released except for a questionable six-page unsigned summary; medical records, never released; Chicago law practice records, never released; appointment calendar for service in the Illinois State Senate, never released. Even more telling is the legal expense in the millions to make sure all of these records are never made known.

Consider this–there is more witness testimony of shots coming from the grassy knoll than there are witnesses or documentation that Barak Obama attended or graduated from Columbia University. There are no released grade transcripts, photos, or anybody that has come forward to say that they knew him at Columbia.

(And it does not end with Obama but extends to his mother and her parents. No records exist of Ann Dunham’s two marriages, her passport records–since destroyed–or her hospital records at the time of Barak’s birth. Speaking of Obama’s birth records, there are none of his mother, her parents and grandparents. Other things abound–researchers found numerous instances of Ann Dunham using aliases. Also, her father’s military service records are not available.)

Even Barak Obama’s list of professions is dubious. His tenure as a law “professor” is a myth–he was a mere instructor and never held a tenured position either as a professor or as an associate professor. His colleagues thought little of him, this man whose charisma would in the future, blossom on the world stage. The law license he once held is gone too, voluntarily given up when it was uncovered he had lied on his Illinois Bar exam on a question of whether he had ever used an alias. He had–Barry Soetoro–his Indonesian name from his adoptive father which he used, along with his Indonesian passport to travel to Pakistan in the early 1980’s.

Lastly, there is the issue of his Social Security number. The initial story was that researchers have discovered that Obama’s SSN belongs to that of a woman born in in 1890 in Connecticut. SSN are single use numbers, retired at the death of the person issued the number. However, a search of the Social Security Death Index shows this to be false. See HERE for a complete explanation of Obama’s SSN being legitimate. Despite that, other Social Security numbers have been discovered for variants of Obama’s name. Probably more so for an uncommon name like this and so many owners of SSN’s for that name.

It’s not perplexing that mainstream media doesn’t cover any of this. They are more or else useless as a public watch dog. It’s more the Courts. Third party investigators have routinely had their challenges tossed out with rulings of “no standing”. Even the latest law suit over the Connecticut Social Security number was recently denied. It’s a legal hot potato alright, and only independent critics have an interest in the issue it seems. The important factor though, is that all legal challenges have been dismissed.

Tight Leash
David Talbot in Brothers, describes John Kennedy’s behind the scenes battles with the CIA, the Pentagon and its Generals. Where Kennedy was his own man standing up to strongmen such as the cigar chomping General Curtis Lemay, the duplicitous CIA Director Allen Dulles, or even the head of the Federal Reserve, William McChesney Martin, Jr., when he issued the silver certificate notes which ate into the central bank’s profits, Obama doesn’t seem to have the spine for such heroics. He seems content in his ever expanding role of a puppet to them, as he parades around as a Roman Emperor to the rest of the world. One can almost see the strings attached to him. He knows that if he steps too far out of line what will become of him. He made a lot of promises as they all do to get elected, but with Obama, I don’t think he lied by not fulfilling many of them. His interaction with the machinery of government is tightly managed and all of the centers of power Kennedy wrestled with are still there, more numerous and as powerful as ever.

I harken back to comedian Bill Hicks’ routine on how a new President is handled. He’s taken into a darkened room, a screen comes down and he’s shown a film of the Kennedy assassination but from an angle no one has seen before. It’s the angle from the grassy knoll. When it’s finished, the lights come on, the screen goes up and the men there, the real power brokers, say to him, “Any questions?” And the President elect says, “What’s my agenda going to be?” A wisecrack, but I wonder if it really happens that way. I’m sure the speculation of it lingers like an unwelcome guest in every new President’s mind. As we know from other sources, people close in have their doubts. Why else would Bill Clinton have his friend and Attorney General Webster Hubble look into the assassination? He wanted to know more. He may have feared for his own life from the Men behind the curtain. Naturally, Hubble got nowhere.

Manchurian Candidate?
Most likely not. That would be too easy, too expected. However, Barak Obama’s path to power is guided by the rich and powerful. There may be intelligence connections running all thorough this, there usually is, but the blend is such it’s hard to tell who is who. All presidential hopefuls are in need of powerful benefactors, and even John Kennedy with all his money, charm and charisma needed his father’s mob connections to affect the outcome of the 1960 election. With Barak Obama, his climb to the top was an amazing thing to watch. Here is a man who spent his life as a nobody with no distinguishing achievements except for being elected to public office twice and not spending much time not doing much in either roles as State Senator and then as a member of the Federal Senate. He expressed no leadership skills in either position. Nor authored any legislation.

When a President has 5 or more hours to play golf that is President with not much to do. And you would think that job would have enough tasks going on to keep one busy 24 hours a day. Apparently, the heavy hitters are doing the real work. President Obama is called in to do the scripted public appearances when a situation is called for. After all, it’s all theater–it’s when he ad libs he is at his worse. Check out the old film clips online to see how good Kennedy was at handling impromptu press conferences and off the cuff quips. He always portrayed a commanding presence and seems at liberty in purpose and action to his modern counterpart who drifts ambivalently from one affair to the next, as if his steps are ordered and the outcome matters not.

Somebody once said that Barak Obama’s greatest fear is being found out he is a phony. Maybe so. Perhaps he is more afraid of the Puppeteers.

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