January 13, 2012

Black Friday - Dark Days Ahead

Former Gitmo Commander who Quit:
Colonel Morris Davis: "Gitmo represents us turning our backs on the law"

Today is the first of three 'Black Fridays' to grace the calendar this year - last year there was but one. While some will spend the day trying to avoid black cats and the spilling of salt (two of the more odd superstitions), most will see out the day with no more (or less) bad luck than on any of the other 365. Of greater concern to those of us who refuse to be slaves to the superstitions of old (fact is we each make our own 'luck') is the dangerous slope down which world events seem to be careening headfirst.

As the sled of human affairs gathers ever-increasing momentum down that steep decline, the more perceptive among us already know that those in the drivers seat have long ago lost control and their reassurances of a soft landing down at the very bottom of the slope are both hollow and meaningless. Fearing for their own safety when the passengers finally realize that only crash test dummies are able to survive the impact, they continue with their old tricks of distracting the passengers' attention with staged attacks and new wars with contrived enemies - all the while creating new laws to silence those who know the truth of what lies ahead. And, while the doomed sled rushes ever closer to its date with destiny, the squabbles continue unabated among those up front about whose turn it is now to 'steer'!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Speech Is On Thin Ice

Amir Alwani, Contributing Writer

Is anybody noticing all the flak journalists are getting for trying to do their jobs lately?  Free speech of any kind seems to be under attack. It is fairly common now to see people getting arrested for video-taping police officers.  To add insult to injury, SOPA/PIPA threatens free speech and spells RED ALERT to almost everyone willing to look at the facts.

Do any of you think you’ll get anywhere by submitting to any of this, sugar coating it, or looking the other way? Now is the time to make ourselves heard.  When someone encroaches on our liberty we have a duty to fight back.

The role of the mainstream media has traditionally been to limit debate and to basically be the mouthpiece of government.  Conversely, the role of the responsibly minded media is to take advantage of technology and opportunities to spread important/urgent information – being our eyes and ears when we can’t be there.

In the Arabic language, when you Love someone you call that person “ee-oo-nee” which means "my eyes” (probably because they offer you another perspective which you see as crucial and valuable). Hijacked governments are taking our eyes, leaving us blind, deaf and dumb – politically impotent.
There is a lot to look forward to in the times ahead, but we must first deal with history’s immense baggage that is manifesting in all sorts of grotesque ways now, allowing us to see our true colors.  I see a lot of beauty in the world, but our present situation is also a nightmarish science fiction scenario for many reasons.  At this point we are about to marry that scenario’s much uglier cousin.  We must speak now or forever hold our peace (pun fully intended).  If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about at this point, you have some catching up to do.

Those who witnessed the recent NDAA arrests shouldn’t be surprised at all.  Here’s a brief glance at the political climate that has endured in the past couple years and what one might be faced with when trying to record a video, cover an event, attend a protest, have one’s voice heard in a public meeting, etc:

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