January 04, 2012

Predictions For 2012 ... And Beyond

"It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." -- Yogi Berra

"The more unpredictable the world is the more we rely on predictions." -- Steve Rivkin

Ignoring the words of wisdom from both these erstwhile philosophers, we are throwing caution to the wind as we 'tempt fate' by daring to consult with a few 'crystal balls' in the form of the articles below. In any case this is the right time of the year for making resolutions (unkept) and predictions (unmet)! While I do not totally endorse any particular ball, the closest to my own views is found in Predictions of a Mad Tin Foilist. Read on to see whether you also find common ground with any of the offerings.

25 predictions for 2012 - 2015 (plus five things that won't happen)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)

(NaturalNews) I've been posting predictions each year for the last three years, usually with a 3-year window. In 2010, I posted a list of 36 predictions for 2010 - 2012, many of which have already come true, including:

• U.S. debt to be downgraded (this happened in 2011, much to everyone's surprise). (http://www.naturalnews.com/033253_S...)

• Increasingly radicalized weather patterns: 2011 was a year of very radical weather (http://www.onearth.org/article/top-...).

• War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk (the FDA targeted Rawesome Foods in 2011, making it the biggest raw milk raid in history) (http://www.naturalnews.com/033220_R...)

• New attempts made to destroy internet freedoms (SOPA act introduced in 2011, a total internet censorship law). (http://www.naturalnews.com/034407_a...)

These predictions were made nearly two years ago. Of course, many predictions on that list did not come true, and some may yet come true in 2012 (http://www.naturalnews.com/028167_p...).

In 2011, I wrote another round of predictions about 2011 - 2012 (http://www.naturalnews.com/030903_p...). These include:

• New attacks on internet freedom (SOPA act happened in 2011)

• Rapid rises in food prices (now widely reported as happening throughout 2011)

• Acceleration of the economic downfall of America, along with possible debt downgrades (already happened).

• Within a generation, many of the people raised on GMOs and vaccines will discover they are giving birth to mutants or not able to have children at all. (Infertility is already on the rise, and more evidence of this will emerge in the years ahead...)

25 new predictions for 2012 - 2015

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