January 08, 2012

The Silence Of The Onlookers


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little." -- Edmund Burke

While a large chunk of humanity looks in deafening silence, the avaricious land grab of a people that claims divine superiority over all others continues unabated. Lands are systematically stolen, trees & crops destroyed, water sources diverted, as human beings are subjected to all manner of humiliation and degradation in order to actively encourage their departure or early demise. The occupiers justify such actions by their claim to being the chosen people - all others, including Muslims, Christians and those of other (or no) faiths considered to be nothing but "two-legged beasts" - who they are free to enslave, abuse or even kill without consequences from their supreme being! Only an accident of birth separates the rest of humanity from those who now live in an open-air prison built by their occupiers!

Meanwhile the Western media continue to propagate an utterly one-sided view of a brutal occupation that sees small children dying for want of basic medicines withheld from hospitals by a regime bent on collective punishment, concerned all the same about how the truth would affect their public image. Despite self-serving protestations, they remain intent on doing everything possible to foment conflict to justify their continued presence for however long it may take to fully realize their territorial goals.

But as true Christians already know, their claim to being a chosen people is provably false - any such birthright being lost the moment they rejected and put to death the Messenger sent by The Holy One. Their might and that of their protector will be to no more avail than once-great king Nebuchadnezzar!

Israeli thugs (Video)

Hamas Goes Non Violent – Israel Prefers War of Aggression

If Hamas Gives Up Violence – Will the Israelis?

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor       … featuring Uri Avnery’s  The Stolen War

Hamas Leader - Khaled Mash’al
Hamas declares it will given up all violent action, choosing the well proven Arab Spring non violent demonstration process instead. It agrees to join the PLO government and allow their presidential candidate to run unopposed.
And for icing on the cake it accepts a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and agrees to abide by the Oslo accords.
Was there deafening celebration here in Zionist controlled American? No. There was deafening silence. Here in the land of the free, most American know nothing about this.
Happy New Year to all you Americans out there who think you are free. You aren’t.
What most Americans are allowed to know about geopolitics is decided by our Elites, be they Dems or Repubs. Why should you believe me you say? I don’t expect you to. I have Uri Avnery to carry my water today, and I his.
Regular readers know I do these duet pieces with Uri as he is admired here at VT as the ultimate authority on domestic Israeli policy. That is why hardly any one knows of him over here. It’s called a media ban…part of our ‘free’ press.
They are so afraid of Uri they will not even contradict him as that would just attract more attention to who he is and his long activist and journalism career as an critic of the War Dogs of Israel.
His journey has taken him from 14 year old Irgun member, the ’48 war, to the early Knesset days, and a few assassination attempts, to the being the masthead of the Gush Shalom peace movement.

Uri Avnery - After First 'Targeted Attack'
Zionist hardliners have publicly asked their army to take him out in a ‘targeted killing’.
Mind you, Israel is the country that American Zionist Jews constantly claim is the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. But they know that America media will never report this targeted killing story (they didn’t).
On the contrary, I am sure they can’t wait for the day when they can start doing targeted killing here. Some say they started long ago, but I digress. This is a two punch intro.
First, the good news about the pull out from Iraq, and the eventually pull out from the disaster in Afghanistan, a defeat from the first day, was followed by the kick off of the new Asian Cold War.
We have to defend against China as their non offensive capability is not non offensive enough. They like Iran, want to have some type of effective defensive from U.S. Military power that is flanking them.
We had the silly Australian photo op of a tiny Marine training facility there…like Marines who are deployed need training. And then we have the ‘break through’ opening to the country formally known as Burma…of no geopolitical consequence whatsoever. Can you say Kabuki Theater?
The ludicrous idea of an attack on Iran is widely known all over the world, even by cab drivers. The U. S. military is facing automatically triggered cutbacks in deficit reductions, major troop draw downs in Europe and here at home.
But we are to believe we are going on the offensive defense against China, the country that buys our debt and supplies much of our military equipment. You just can’t make this stuff up.
My only conclusion is that our elites really think we are that stupid. Our Republican presidential candidates mostly are.
They are tripping over themselves as to who can kick Iran’s butt, squash Hamas…and any other military inferior target they can find to pretend they are a threat to the U.S.

American Power and Treasure - Being Misused
Does the American regime ever make their case for the threat? No. They don’t even try. What the do is what is called in the sales business…the ‘assumed close’.
If pressed, they say the proof is ‘classified’…the tried and true dodge. Our sources tell us what is classified is that they are hyping the threat.
Whatever happened to the CNN rage against bullies that was going on over the summer? I thought bully thing being cool and a role model…was out.
So what is the point of my intro missive? It’s ‘Occupy America’ time folks. We need some game changing street action here. We are in an election year and we need to do something different.
Radical me, I suggest the Left and Right getting together to protest against all candidates who are obvious unsuited to be President.
Our Elites and the MSM are not used to seeing the folks do that. We don’t want Israeli, MSM, or American shadow government candidates…none of them. It’s like…not a real choice. There is only one that is not in the bag. You know who that is.
But let me go on record here. The elites are still running the game here. The politicians are their puppets. Tunisa, Egypt, Bahrain, the Syrians were dying to overthrow their elites.
What will we do? ‘They’, are convince we are sheep, partially our fault. They are betting our staying that way.
I am praying that Americans prove this year that they are not suckers for the usual disinformation campaign…even addicted to it. For example, we had this prominent coverage of the ‘peak oil’ theory in the early 2000′s…and then all the wars really being to secure shrinking oil resources.

We are Literally Awash in Oil and Gas Reserves
And what was the real deal? It’s out now, thanks to Gordon Duff’s work, that the world is awash in petro-reserves that threaten to crash market prices in one of the elites’ prime businesses (the others are banking and food).
The new wars that are in incubator now, Western wars of terror, are to keep new reserves from coming onto the market. Nigeria is just one of the countries on the Aztec sacrificial block.
Enough of me, now onto Uri. He’s older and wiser…and I did not fight in the 1948 war, just being an idea in my father’s mind at the time.
As you read this Uri gem, ask yourself if American media a fraud for banning a man like this from American viewers.
In a criminal investigation withholding evidence is a felony. I think what is being done to us media wise is a felony…radical me. “Lay it on them Uri.”

The Stolen War    …by Uri Avnery

January 7, 2012

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