July 30, 2012

Aurora Theater Massacre: Is A Cover-up In Progress?

Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan B. Sirhan - all patsies set up to cover for the real killers! Is James Holmes the latest in a long line of lone-nut gunmen conveniently placed at the scene of a spectacular shooting by covert forces well versed in throwing trackers off the scent of the real killers? Who was the accomplice that opened the emergency exit doors to let in the body-armor clad shooter? Why was there a second gas mask found outside the theater at the back of the building? Why did the alarm not sound as it usually does when the exit doors were left open? Whose blood left the heavy trail in the parking lot leading back into the theater - was DNA testing done to eliminate suspects? How did a package supposedly sent by Holmes lay undetected in the college mail-room over a week?

James Holmes was discovered sitting alone in a parked car near the theater exit - he appeared to be drugged and offered no resistance when arrested. Other than the police claim of his calm confession, there is no physical evidence of his having been inside the theater or wearing the armor & gas mask. Who approved the mysterious radio blast from a transmission system banned by Congress in 1994 - due to its known use in mind control - immediately prior to the start of the Aurora Theater shootings?

Almost every day brings new revelations about this case despite a gag order and the complicit media! Those in the know see a familiar pattern with other staged killings geared to certain political ends. How convenient the timing - in the heat of an election campaign - days before a key gun control vote!

Batman murders: The blood trail, the neck wound, and the 2nd gas mask

Friday, July 27, 2012 by: Jon Rappoport

(NaturalNews) Citizen journalists are outdistancing everybody on the Batman murders. I'm not even sure I have their names matched up correctly to their reports, so for now I'm not publishing the names, but I'll give you the links to their videos and commentary.

Here's what I'm inferring from their work. First, the heavy blood trail outside the Aurora theater, in the back parking lot, has been wrongly attributed to a neck wound suffered by one of the victims, Allie Young. When viewed in the hospital, her scar doesn't look serious enough to account for a massive blood loss, and the wound isn't even dressed. Why would anyone lie about this?

Because the blood in the parking lot may have come from a girl who was killed or abducted by one of the killers.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Obama contributed to the cover story about Allie Young in his incorrect description of her ordeal and wound.

There was a second gas mask found lying outside the theater at the back of the building. This would not have been Holmes' mask. It would have belonged to a second killer.

I'm not saying the meaning of these clues I've just listed is airtight and absolutely final. I'm saying they send the case in entirely new directions.

They definitely add fuel to the conclusion that Aurora Police Chief, Daniel Oates was wrong when he issued the familiar mantra that Homes acted alone. On what basis could Oates have made that claim? Was he intentionally lying? Was he trying to save his reputation, and hiding the fact that at least one other killer was running loose, uncaptured by his men? Oates, an old New York street cop, had risen through the ranks and, as Aurora police chief, presided over a 30% reduction in the crime rate---until the Batman murders.

These clues---the blood trail, the neck wound, the second gas mask---any police investigator should have run with them. The absence of a serious probe indicates we are looking at a cover-up.

Here are the links to the work of the citizen journalists. That's what I call them because I don't have a better label. They are breaking new ground on the case, and they deserve your praise and support:




We still have the matter of how James Holmes gained entrance to the theater. There is the side door, the fire exit. Did he kick it in from the outside, as KUSA-TV reported? Did he, as Bloomberg claims the police say, buy a ticket, watch the movie, stand, as if he was taking a phone call, and walk out, propping open the side exit as he left, to return later with armor and weapons?

Or, as eyewitness Corbin Dates told CNN, did "someone" in the theater take a phone call, disappear in the direction of the side exit, after which (15-20 minutes? an hour?) the shooter, in full gear, came into the theater from that direction?

The first description---kicking in the exit door---is highly unlikely, since exit doors generally open out from the inside, are heavy, and are locked from the outside.

If Holmes propped open the side door, left, and came back later, other customers in the theater and theater employees might have seen light coming in from the outside. Did they? Someone also might have walked over and shut the door.

All this needs to be nailed down.

Then we have the packages (2) in the mailroom of the U. of Colorado, Anschutz campus. Press reports indicate a professor of psychiatry at the school called police because there was a package (with no indication of the sender) in the mailroom, addressed to him. The professor suspected it might have been sent by Holmes. This turned out to be wrong. That package had no bearing on the case. But in a search of the mailroom, ANOTHER package was found, which had been sent by Holmes to the professor. It had been sitting there as long as a week before its discovery on July 23rd. It contained a notebook, and the notebook contained Holmes' descriptions of how he was going to kill people.

This one is hard to believe. The professor believes one package was sent by Holmes. Why? BUT the police happen to find another package that was. Was it planted (and forged) to build a stronger case against Holmes?

I have new information about the availability of Holmes' medical records. This would pertain to a criminal trial. It is likely Holmes' lawyer could subpoena any medical/psychiatric records, in order to establish the state of mind of her client, and these records of course would include what drugs were prescribed. Once that is known, a case could be mounted based on the drugs' propensity to cause violent behavior, including homicide. The prosecution could also subpoena these records if Holmes entered an insanity plea.

My guess is that Torrence Brown's lawsuit against Holmes' doctors would come after a criminal trial (if there is one), at which time the medical/psychiatric records would have already been unsealed and would be available.

Remember, there is still no known witness-ID of Holmes in the theater. There is only the police claim that they found him, calm and confessing, next to his car, after the shooting---or by other accounts, inside his car.

I've seen raw cell phone video footage of people outside the theater on the night of the shooting, but no footage from inside the theater. Someone inside had to be recording a piece of what was going on. We have to ask ourselves: where is that footage? Has it been confiscated?

Here are relevant links to the theater exit door and the mailed packages:




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