January 07, 2013

Crystal Ball Gazing: Predictions For 2013 ...And Beyond

2013 Predictions | Interview with Gerald Celente

Peter F. Drucker
“Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window. ”
Peter F. Drucker

Christopher Paolini
“Mmm....she's doomed! You're doomed!! They're all doomed! Notice I didn't specify what kind of doom, so no matter what happens, I predicted it. How very WISE of me.”
Christopher Paolini, Eragon

It's that time of year again- the time when some brave fools make resolutions that will never be kept, and others believe they're so smart they boldly make predictions which somehow never come to pass! Last year, predictions of the end of the world flew thick and fast as the Mayan calendar was misread. Well, we're all still here- even disappointed soothsayers and, as I at least got that one prediction right -that we would survive the Mayan doomsday, here goes another foolish attempt to predict the future!

2013 follows a year where many forecast the end of civilization due to the arrival of a calendar date! The last time that occurred was Y2K, with many fearing technology disaster due to a computer glitch, while that ended up a dud, remember how the world changed radically the following year after 9/11!

My feeling is that 2013 may prove to be as momentous a year as 2001 eventually turned out to be - with that fact uppermost in our minds, what follows are my major predictions for 2013 ...and beyond:
  1. Global Growth Deflationary Depression - After the stocks rally-back ends in the 2nd quarter (with only the Dow making new highs), the long-term bear market will resume in full force, leading the economy into a full-fledged deflationary depression. Unemployment rates will get significantly worse from the 2nd half of the year onwards. Housing will resume its long-term slide to levels unknown in living memory. The unsustainability of global debt levels (mainly in Europe & America) will become apparent as (mainly Asian) financiers withdraw support and Central Banks try to fill the gap by more money printing. The US dollar will peak late this year and commence a slide which will eventually lead to its demise as the world's reserve currency!
  2. World War or World Peace - Starting with the engineered events of 9/11, the various wars in the Middle East & Africa have all been part of a long-planned stealth campaign to provide an excuse to advance to the very doorstep of the two big Eastern powers in preparation for WWIII - Russia & China have finally awakened to the ploy, drawing a line in the sand at Syria & Iran - sending a clear message that attacks on these nations will be seen as threats to their security. Now that the gig is up, the US must decide whether to continue with their plans without the element of surprise, or terminate their long-range strategy - even as economic collapse looms. We are at a fork in the road- either we will have world war or world peace, we will know soon!
  3. Gun Control precedes Gun Confiscation - Despite promises to the contrary in the lead up to his first run for the presidency, the incumbent believes fervently in the supremacy of the State and will not hesitate to use all powers available to him (including false-flags like Sandy Hook) to disarm the populace. This year will see even more restrictions placed on firearm ownership, but before his term ends expect to see gun confiscation, martial law, & effective dictatorship!
  4. Greater Clampdown on Dissenters, Preppers & Whistle-blowers - Again, despite promises on the hustings about more openness in government and greater protection for whistleblowers, the change we can believe in is now revealed for all to see, with the heavy-handed prosecution of more truth-tellers (through harsh spying laws) than all previous administrations combined. Not having to face the polls again, whistle-blower persecution will become increasingly worse, along with ramped-up attacks on dissenters and preppers. Disagreement with government policy is already being labeled as a mental disorder by psychiatrists, while OWS protesters and those stockpiling basic supplies are increasingly characterized by State agencies - as terrorists!
  5. Global Government Gains Credence as Solution to Mankind's Mounting Problems -  As global economic problems keep worsening and regional conflicts continue with no end in sight, calls will grow for more government action to stem the 'bleeding'. Coupled with the discredited (but widely believed) Global Warming Hoax, we will see growing calls for world government, including the presence of international troops on US soil to help after the next natural disaster!


20 dark predictions for 2013, the year of oppression and insanity

Monday, December 31, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) 2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The Earth isn't going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are. Madness is about to be unleashed on many fronts: economic, social, political, financial and more. In the near future, you will look back on the Christmas of 2012 and think, "Wow, those were the GOOD times!"

Do not read this article if you wish to continue frolicking in the land of TV delusions, fake news and celebrity gossip. These are the darkest real-world predictions I've ever published, and they are not things I ever wish to see come true. But I can't deny the reality of where things are headed. If we project present-day trends into 2013, 2014 and 2015, the picture becomes a multi-front nightmare.

The madness in America has reached a crescendo. Nearly half the population is now under the mind control of a "cult of personality" political figure named Obama who is deliberately dismantling America one day at a time. Unlike Bush who was simply a tyrant, Obama is a charismatic tyrant, and that's far more dangerous. As you may recall, Adolf Hitler was also highly charismatic and won over the hearts and minds of his followers, using many of the very same speech patterns as Obama, an expert in neurolinguistic programming and emotional manipulation.

Because the population has been mesmerized into a state of near-total complacency, an actual police state society is being rolled out right before our eyes, complete with the planned destruction of the Bill of Rights and the characterization of anyone who believes in the Constitution as a "terrorist."

Both Republicans and Democrats are doing nothing to stop it, as they have been taken over by corporate interests or have been promised positions of power in the new society that they plan to install after they crush the Republic.

With Obama at the helm, America is being turned into a gulag nation, complete with the sexual abuse of the citizens by federal agents (TSA), secret execution lists of American citizens (NDAA), secret gulag prisons and the government's continued staging of mass shootings (Aurora and more) to keep the population psychologically controlled in a never-ending state of fear.

2013 will be 1984 on steroids

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