August 28, 2010


With their only life experiences having been centered around inflation and price increases, the mass of humanity cannot begin to comprehend how it is even possible to imagine an environment where price levels of everything - goods, services, real estate & investments - decline in a sharp, sustained manner. Some may even delude themselves into thinking that would be a pleasant experience (if it did somehow magically occur), without of course being aware of its full ramifications, including widespread business closures & layoffs, significantly higher crime levels, massive cutbacks in government programs & services, and on and on.

Indeed it is difficult for just about everyone to see how such a condition could actually evolve from where we stand today. To help you understand the how, please read the attachment titled "Continuing and looming Deflationary Forces", then view these videos:
(Video 1 of 3) Prechter on Yahoo! Finance: Prepare for "The Biggest Bubble in History" | Elliott Wave International 
(Video 2 of 3) Prechter on Yahoo! Finance: Deflation is Coming 
(Video 3 of 3) Prechter on Yahoo! Finance: Bear Market Armageddon is Approaching 

Deflation lies in our not-too-distant future. It will be accompanied by a deep depression. Neither Japan's experience over the past two decades nor the 1930's crash & meltdown provide any realistic indication as to the magnitude of what is yet to come. Yet for the very few who understand and take action early enough, this storm can be weathered!

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