April 30, 2012

The Bald Truth: Far Stranger Than Mainstream Fiction

Pentagon 9/11 Attack Conspiracy Theory with... by illuminatient
Pentagon 9/11 Attack Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

George Gordon Byron“ Tis strange - but true; for truth is always strange;
Stranger than fiction; if it could be told,
How much would novels gain by the exchange!
How differently the world would men behold!
How oft would vice and virtue places change!
The new world would be nothing to the old,
If some Columbus of the moral seas
Would show mankind their souls' antipodes.”
George Gordon Byron

Okay - so you get your news from ABCBSCNNBCFOX - or the (insert big city) Times/Post/Journal! Like it or not - you are being fed a fast-food diet of 'fiction fries' - the bald truth is generally strange and is best eaten raw, with little or no politically-correct 'seasoning'! If so, then it should come as no surprise that you now begin to feel some 'excess baggage', after consuming all those 'empty calories'. Perhaps it is now time for you to start to purge all those 'extra pounds' with a healthy dose of reality!

While this purge may not cure everyone and some may need multiple 'treatments' before results start manifesting, it is guaranteed at the very least to clear a great deal of the clutter and mental fog that seems to afflict so many of the folks who swear by the mainstream menu of Mac-news or Whoppers!
  • Fiction - 9/11 was executed by 19 Arab hijackers with box-cutters led by a Muslim fanatic who lived in a cave complex in a dirt-poor country, selecting by pure luck the precise day when the largest military drills of the year were taking place and outwitting the most comprehensive air defense systems anywhere on the planet
  • Fact - Unpalatable though it may be for the masses even to this day to swallow, this monstrous act was perpetrated by their government in league with the spy agency from a non-Arab Middle-Eastern nation in order to advance their costly and deadly agenda for world domination
  • Fiction - Six million Jews were killed in gas chambers during WWII by a madman dictator whose 'final solution' was genocide of a despised minority in what is today referred to as The Holocaust
  • Fact - The total of concentration camp detainees of all ethic groups who perished during WWII amounted to less than half of one million - mostly from diseases contracted by humans confined to close quarters, such as typhus. Evidence of death by gassing is non-existent and a complete fraud
  • Fiction - In a series of missions over a three year period that started during July, 1969, man first set foot upon and later went on to explore part of the surface of the Moon - transmitting live video of the accomplishment
  • Fact - Whether we did in fact manage to put man on the Moon is still a controversial topic as there are multiple inconsistencies with video of the feat, indicating a strong likelihood that it was filmed in a studio mockup jam-packed with numerous lighting discrepancies. Until NASA provides the original videos (which they incredibly claim were destroyed) and provide answers for all the film fakery, doubts about the remarkable achievement continue
  • Fiction - The last successful assassination of a sitting US president was done by a lone gunman with a single 'magic' bullet that made multiple right-angle turns in mid-air on its way to killing the president and wounding a front-seat passenger
  • Fact - The well-loved president was executed in cold blood by a hail of bullets, some from the front (the 'grassy knoll') and others from at least two other locations - neither of which was the Texas School Book Depository, in whose doorway irrefutable photographic proof has since shown the alleged 'lone-nut' to be standing at the very moment of the execution
  • Fiction - Osama Bin Laden, the mythical leader of the most known terror group Al Qaeda was hunted down and finally executed by a daring commando raid a year ago, after being found holed up inside a walled compound in a military town in Pakistan - his body was later dumped at sea
  • Fact - This much-maligned 'bad-guy', who was a covert CIA operative called Tim Osman, actually perished of advanced kidney disease in December 2001, having been previously treated in US military hospitals. Shortly after the attacks he flatly denied being in any way involved, insisting that killing innocent civilians went against the very core of his religion. Every single video/audio recording after that time purporting to emanate from him has since been proven to be a total forgery
  • Fiction - The War on Drugs is a just and moral battle being waged by world governments in order to rid the planet of a menace which would otherwise lead to millions of addicts and untold death/suffering
  • Fact - Led by the CIA, covert agencies do most of the drug-running that occurs across the planet today. The billions raked in in profits from this black-market activity enable them to fund numerous 'black-ops' operations that would otherwise be difficult to finance. For this reason, as well as the draconian laws that are brought into being as a result, drugs will not be legalized anytime soon
  • Fiction - The War on Terror is being waged to deliver humanity from evil extremists who dream of world domination and "hate us for our freedoms". They are cunning adversaries who are not concerned about how many innocent lives are lost and will not stop until they achieve their goals
  • Fact - Almost every single terror plot uncovered stateside in this century - excepting two - is proven to have been fabricated, facilitated and funded by the FBI. Al Qaeda is itself a creation of the CIA, emerging from the mujaheddin which was set up, trained and funded to defeat their mortal cold-war enemy a generation ago. While a very few terror acts are perpetrated by religious or other fundamentalists, most terror activity today emanates from remote-controlled drones in addition to deliberate bombings of civilian populations (Libya, Syria) refusing to support Western interests
  • Fiction - Global warming (or climate change if you prefer) is caused by human activity such as through industry or travel or even the simple act of breathing. If we do not find a way to stop or greatly mitigate its progression very soon, we are all doomed as a species
  • Fact - Global warming results primarily from the activity of our Sun - warming and cooling periods repeat in predictable cycles, easily verifiable by examining the historical record. The contribution from all human activity to the recent warming cycle (now coming to an end before the next cooling starts) is established to be no more than 1% - 2% in total - even taking the most negative findings
While this list is far from complete, it is still a good place to start along the lengthy road to recovery. Most will find themselves unable to stomach the bitter facts needed to overcome widely held fictions!

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