August 28, 2010

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"We are what we eat." "We become what we believe."

As mankind delves deeper into the structure of our own makeup, many conventional truthsonce held dear are falling by the wayside. One of these holds that whatever diseases we contract and even how long we are likely to live derive almost exclusively from our genes. Recent research(unavailable before this century) however is now revealing that our genetic makeup can more correctly be compared to the hardware of a computer system, while our epigenome is more correctly likened to its software or operating system. While the mapping of the human genome was completed during the start year of the century (35000 genes), the epigenome which controls how human genes are expressed, including whether they are switched on or off, is expected to take quite a bit longer to fully unravel its mysteries.

Already however, while we await the eventual completion of this important step forward, several notable and interesting insights are being revealed. We are discovering that, rather than being victims of our heredity, we are actually far more in control of our health and longevity through the lifestyle choices we make than was understood a mere decade ago. These new discoveries infuse renewed meaning into phrases like "Sins of the father" - now updated to also include grandparents. Indeed, the more we uncover in the new field of epigenetics, the more we come to realize that "we have met the enemy - and he is us!"

Here are a few sites detailing recent revelations and some of what we can look towards:

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