August 28, 2010

Patriotism, Politics & Personal Priorities

Question: Who is the real patriot?
(Much is bandied about regarding patriotism - particularly in these days of terror threats.) (By the way, Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive write-up on patriotism - check it later.)
The one who accepts the 'official' point of view without daring to question things that seem to fly in the face of commonsense? Or perhaps, the one who only chooses to raise serious concerns when their party-of-choice sits opposite to those who hold the reins of power? Or, could it possibly be that the only true patriot is the one who is prepared to stand when necessary in a lonely place, to raise questions that cry out for answers - even while the herding masses are baying for his blood and those in authority look for any opportunity (trumped-up or otherwise) to remove the irritant who causes them such discomfort?

Is it not somewhat curious that when such 'dissidents' come to the fore out of a regime we decry as repressive (China, Cuba, Iran, to name but a few), we instantly throw our support in their corner, certain that the problem lies with the regime, while we take for granted that our own dear government (moreso when our party runs it) would not lie to us or cover up?

Well, the good book (for those who believe in the Holy Bible) cautions us about the pitfalls of human nature as has obtained for all humanity after the fall of our oldest ancestor Adam. "Put not your trust in the son of earthling man" is the sage advice we are cautioned with. Our own earthly experience has told us "power corrupts & absolute power does absolutely".

So, is the real patriot the one who seeks to expose that which lies hidden, even in the face of being labeled a nut, a conspiracy-theorist or a traitor (Ann Coulter, take a bow), and yes even at times at the risk of being proven wrong. Is something to be considered right simply because it will help us to 'win the war' (we are told) so that to expose the wrong would weaken us and help the 'terrorists' - in other words, do the ends justify the means?

Are we stronger when we "do unto others before they can do to us what we are absolutely certain they have plans to do" (think WMD Iraq then & Iran now) or is the golden rule now to be amended to come more in line with 9/11 as just another constitutional amendment? Were the good Samaritan of the well-known biblical parable to come to life today, do we really believe that the helping hand would be withdrawn simply because of a label affixed to that stranger's side declaring him a terrorist and threatening anyone who aided or abetted?

Questions - serious questions for all those who are so convinced and so full of conviction of the rightness and justness of their cause, be they the sons of Abraham, or of Mohammed, or theso-called sons of Jesus Christ. Think very carefully about the teachings of whomever you profess to follow - know also that the One who sent those teachings earthside did so not so that we could use them as a moral shield or justification for our earthly wars and neither does He require our help in any way to achieve his vision and plans for humanity.

The day of judgment (actually a period of time rather than 24-hours) that we are counseled to prepare for during these end-times will be a day of individual reckoning - yes, that is the 'man/woman in the mirror'. We should all think long and hard about what that means for me!

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