August 28, 2010

The Wild Beast

During these end-times the method of rule practiced by nations is described in bible terms as bestial, hence the term Wild Beast! As the fears of a larger cross-section of the populace becomes more widespread and pervasive, proponents of whatever side of the political spectrum will not only become more polarized (and obstructive to the other side). They will tumble over each other in an effort to convince the frightened masses that they will do a better job of protecting them from disaster - economic, terror-based or natural.

Indeed, it will seem natural to the great multitude that they must give this ruling entity greater and greater powers so that it can destroy the enemy of the day. Too late will it begin to dawn on them that - like a boomerang -  such powers will eventually be returned to sender with far greater velocity and venom! Those who choose to take comfort in living under a democracy will find that four (or five) years is an awful long time to exist until the next poll and that means are usually found by any despotic regime to thwart its removal (e.g. declared state of emergency to justify delays).

One does not need to peel back the veneer too far to see that, on the major points of individual rights and freedoms (as distinct from the hot-button issues of heath care, etc.) there is very little to distinguish between the current and predecessor regimes stateside. Are these two individuals taken together theMa)(Bus foretold some five centuries ago?

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