September 10, 2010

Last of a Dying Breed

Congressman Ron Paul stands as one of the few remnants of an extremely rare breed of politician - one who is prepared to stand up and be counted regardless of the fallout from either his constituents or his colleagues on either side of the aisle. As party politics has become more contentious and unforgiving of dissent, Dr. Paul has consistently refused to "drink the cool-aid" whatever the repercussions or rabid labeling attached to the dissenter. Instead he makes full use of his 'gray matter' in arriving at independent, well thought-out positions based on an underlying philosophy of life, liberty & the pursuit of personal goals.

As the times we live in continue to become more and more polarized, we all should wonder how long it will be before the political space afforded to the Ron Pauls of this world will disappear from the halls of Congress and ultimately from society. No one should assume that the remaining freedoms we now take for granted in expressing our different points of view over the airwaves and across the blog-o-sphere will continue to be largely uncensored as they currently are in most Western nations.

Following is a recent article by Ron Paul on Socialism vs Corporatism.
For those interested here is the Ron Paul Library - Articles and speeches by Ron Paul.

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