September 10, 2010


As I follow up on the revealing information video released a week ago by Wiki-leaks, my further research has now turned up this investigative website:

If even a fraction of these reports are true, it demonstrates further my point that Uncle Sam and the Arab world are now inextricably bound by the hip - the methods employed to achieve the upper hand in that war will never be forgiven by the Arab world. Some conflicts are never meant to be started - having done so however, every method (fair or foul) has been utilized to prove victorious and damn the consequences! When the moral high ground has been lost, there is no easy road to recovery. Again I ask this question: "Does the definition of what constitutes terrorism depend upon whom the perpetrator happens to be?"..........
For those who share a belief in a Universal Being who sees everything and to whom all are accountable, what do you think His response would be?

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