October 01, 2010

The Story of RealIslam

Flag of Hamas with Shahada calligraphy. :Ratio...Image via WikipediaOnce upon an end-time there was a young boy who lived in a far-away land known as RealIslam. Mohamed was days away from becoming a teenager and enjoyed his life in the tiny nation bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, there were the odd hostilities from the many neighboring tribes of Jewistine who were still angry at having been forcibly displaced from their lands more than 60 years ago and at having since been told they had no right to return, while at the same time RealIslam continued to forcibly build settlements within the much smaller territory now occupied by those displaced tribes. But he got along well with his school-friends who had family from across the border, even though he found it difficult to believe their stories about starvation from food shortages and deaths from lack of medical supplies due to the blockade imposed by RealIslam on their dirt-poor neighbor.

One night Mohamed had a frightening nightmare. He dreamt that people from other lands banded together to send a ship with much needed food and medical supplies to Jewistine. Then he began tossing and turning as what looked like commandos from his beloved RealIslam stormed aboard the ship firing on those 'good Samaritans' who tried to defend themselves with sticks and chairs against the armed onslaught, leaving as many as nine dead. He turned to his father who was also observing the events in his dream and asked: "Abba (Papa), why are we killing these people - they have come only to feed the hungry"? And his father replied: "Son, these people want to help our enemies grow stronger. We cannot allow that - we are only defending ourselves". Mohamed again turned to his father and asked: "But we attacked these defenseless people in international waters. Does that not make us pirates and terrorists - this is what my school-texts say about such actions"? Again his father replied: "Mohamed, they were trying to assist the terrorists - don't you understand that you must either be with us or else you are with the terrorists. In any case, read your Qur'an - it says that Allah gave this land to us! Those infidels don't believe in our God - so we can remove them from the Earth". Mohamed awoke just then - in a cold sweat. But he wondered at his dream and about how it would all come out in the end. Was this really what Allah wanted?

Then as many others in lands across the world (including RealIslam's protector Ameristan) came to know of young Mohamed's dream they too wondered whether such events could possibly come to pass in real life. And as texts and emails bounced back and forth across the web while the babble of voices filled the airwaves many different viewpoints emerged. "No, this could never happen. People around the world would not simply look the other way while one people was allowed to starve and subjugate another" was the view of one group. However another group felt that yes, this could be morally justified as they believed that it was God's plan that RealIslam be given that land - after all, the Holy Book said so clearly. "In any case", they argued, "their superpower uncle 'Stan' was always there for backup". But as the discussion went back and forth another point of view began to emerge. "Well, why don't we look at the Good Book to see what it actually says?" some suggested. And upon a proper examination of the Scriptures they found to their surprise that God's new covenant, formed after the original RealIslam rejected and then put to death his Messiah, was now between himself and those who accepted and wholeheartedly embraced the teachings of His Son - this 'nation' of former Gentiles were the new RealIslam to which all such prophecies pertained. Just as the Anointed One had to constantly explain to the many in those days who were expecting him to establish a literal kingdom rather than the spiritual one for which he was sent. Thereupon they wondered who would be there to protect RealIslam when the 'chickens came home to roost'? What if uncle 'Stan' was no longer around - how would they escape justice from the many tribes of Jewistine?

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