April 23, 2011

And the Drones Strike On...

In the wee hours of this morning, at a time when most 21st-century 'Romans' are tucked comfortably in their warm beds, in a far away land a series of loud explosions rocks a small village. Neighbors awake from their slumber to find the ground shaking from the lethal force. No, it is not Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, or any of the other names so regularly parroted by the Western press. The 25 or more villagers who lost their lives this morning were victims of another drone strike - a strike for which a group calling itself the CIA claims full responsibility. This group and the government that provides support for their activities both insist that the thousands of such killings which take place annually are justified in this War on (or is it of?) Terror. Meanwhile they provide cover for their own operatives caught red-handed in the killing of innocents against a regime that they do not favor.

Such events have now become so commonplace that they barely warrant a mention in the mainstream media - who are always careful in any case to parrot the official storyline of terrorist activity in the vicinity as they attempt to reassure their viewers that the attacks are justified. Somehow it seems that real investigative journalism never seems to apply to such cases. Even as innocents continue to be droned elsewhere, right in their own backyard those who are known and even self-confessed perpetrators of mass destruction roam free. And, as the patriots of such lands continue to bear witness to relentless attacks from a country with a large following of a different faith, they form their own views on what actions are needed to defend their homeland.

As a large chunk of humanity prepares to commemorate the passing of the greatest man who ever set foot on planet Earth this very weekend it may be useful to find a quiet place and reflect on the teachings he left us. Especially teachings as apply to how we deal with our fellow man - regardless of whether he/she happens to share our own set of beliefs. And in our moment of reflection, Shh.. listen carefully! Can you hear the silence? A deafening silence as the murder of innocents continues on unabated and but a few speak in their behalf.

US drone strike kills 25 in Pakistan
(...whilst back in the land of those who roam free...)
Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch and the Downing of Cubana Flight 455

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