August 22, 2011

Barbaric Crimes of a Former First-Born

Rise against the Barbaric Crimes of Israel

Disclaimer: References to the key subject of this article pertain solely to a rogue state, and are not in respect of any particular race or religion (a courtesy by the way not extended by mainstream media whilst referring to 'Muslim terrorists'), many of whose members espouse a profound difference of view from its political leaders. While not a believer of either of the above-mentioned faiths, my views are neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Islamic - however, I do consider myself to be very much in the camp of anti-Barbaric! In this regard I abhor ALL acts of terrorism (i.e. violence against civilian targets, whether or not claimed to be justified for self-defense).

For far too long has a majority of the world's populace looked the other way as a brutal and inhumane occupation has stripped an indigenous population of its human rights, dignity and homelands as has occurred for well over four decades in the ancient lands traversed by the Savior. A very long time ago the first recorded human aggressor, when asked about the whereabouts of a family member responded in a flippant manner: "Am I my brother's keeper?". By continuing to ignore the open sore that is Palestine today (yes, both the people and their ancestral homelands do exist, despite the self-serving denials of a few), the brothers & sisters of today's world family are no less guilty of the cover-up attempted by Cain in respect of his brother Abel.

While fortress walls are built ostensibly for security, but somehow manage to gobble up large tracts of stolen property and settlements continue to be built at a furious pace as the ancestral lands of an occupied people are illegally occupied, at the same time that settlers maim the locals, burn their homes and poison their water sources, whilst the occupying army denies them protection though preventing any retaliation, the world family continues to look away, in fear of what Big Bad Uncle may bring to bear against any who dare to interfere.

Following in the footsteps of the Redeemer the apostle Paul wrote to the early congregation: “For he is not a Jew which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward IN THE FLESH. But he is a Jew which is one inwardly. And circumcision is of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” (Romans 2:28-29). This was a reminder to early followers of the Christ of their birthright as the new Spiritual Israel, which allowed God's people to be chosen from among all the nations - no longer by birth, but through acceptance of the ransom sacrifice in their hearts. Yet today we witness large numbers claiming to be of His flock who espouse the belief that the chosen ones who will enjoy the protection of The Almighty in the time of great tribulation are really a physical nation rather than the spiritual heirs as noted by Paul and others in inspired scripture. In this manner, they are like the ungrateful Esau who traded his birthright cheaply to his brother Jacob. By their misguided reckoning, any atrocity is justified in the name of The Almighty towards their presumed prophecy of a restored literal Israel. By condoning such actions they deny the teachings of the Messiah and bring a stain onto the name of The One.

The following article is a very strongly worded one (as is the above video) and represents some long dormant passion against the continued repression of an archaic, abominable, apartheid occupation. While I am as yet unable to verify through independent research (as opposed to media whitewashing) all of its claims, if even half are true - including the map purportedly showcasing a certain country's minimum territorial aspirations, then we are in for a lengthy and potentially bloody engagement before the former chosen ones are finally brought to their senses. Anyway, read with an open mind - then conduct your own research on this article.


Rise Against The Barbaric Crimes Of Israel
By Jim Kirwan


The 'STATE' of Israel was founded on pure lies; it was never about a homeland for the Jewish people. Israel was just the launching pad for the continuation of the Nazi State. The party that founded Israel is the same one that was formed when Hitler's National Socialist Party (NA) signed a pact with the Zionist International (ZI) and together these two entities created The NAZI Party, in 1923.


In fact "the Jews" of what is now Israel in many cases were survivors of the victims of Zionista soldiers in Hitler's SS. More than one third of the SS was of 'Jewish' extraction, according to German records. The ZI was responsible for the NAZI campaign against the Jews. This was necessary to create the get-out-of-jail-forever card that would be needed to garner global support (after the war) for the plight of "the Jewish people." But Zionists are not Jewish by nature. A Zionist can be a member of any religion. The Jewish connection was primarily created as the cover story that was needed to create the lock to the Biblical justification for the existence of Israel in 1948; when this whole false-flag operation was sold to the United Nations for ratification. What the world does not seem to know is that this pact between Hitler and the Zionista International was signed long before Hitler had become a major player in German politics (but that was the real reason) that the only other flag to legally fly over NAZI Germany was the Blue &White Star of David.


Lies, Deception and global hatreds are what the German NAZI's were, and still are all about under Hitler. This fact explains how the Israeli's could treat the Palestinians as they have since they first attacked Palestine in 1948. This treatment of innocent Palestinians by the occupying Israeli forces makes the Nazi's of WWII look like mere school-children. And the current Israeli-behavior in Gaza has no contemporary equal for raw brutality, mindless murder and unending torture as those policies continue today under Bibi Netanyahu, the current Butcher of Palestine.


After Hitler's armies were defeated the real Nazi's of today continued with their war upon humanity from Israel. So now the world can see, that nothing which was promised to anyone by Israel under its globalist agenda, was ever true. The Jews and the Christians as well as the Muslims inside Israel are all treated with the scorn and hatred represented in the continuing slaughter of babies, of children and of the civilian population in the name of creating a safer-Israel. Because the supposed HOMELAND for the Jews (that Israel was supposed to be) is a dictatorship; not a democracy. Israel today is nothing less than a Barbaric-Apartheid Zionist State; totally controlled by the NAZI party of 2011. And now Israel is demanding the surrender of the entire world to pacify their unending-cravings for total power and control.Here is Israel's latest demand, as a minimum-requirement for their continued existence.





Please note on the map above the number of countries that are in today's headlines that are totally enmeshed in the destabilizing wars that are currently still raging throughout the Middle-East. Including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, a tiny portion of Iran, half of Kuwait, about a third of Saudi Arabia, a major portion of Egypt which includes the Suez Canal and about half the Red Sea; plus Jordan and all of Palestine. Is it any wonder that there can be no peace in the Middle East or the world, so long as "Israel" remains unsatisfied?


Today's demand from BiBi is: "Speaking today at Soroka Hospital, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the PRC leaders slain in yesterday's bombing attack on the Gaza city of Rafah were responsible for the Thursday attacks inside southern Israel. He also said they were "only the beginning."

"We have a policy of extracting a very high price from anyone who causes us harm," insisted Netanyahu, who thanked the military and Shin Bet for "wiping out the leaders" of the Popular Resistance Committees(PRC) in the attack. The PRC has denied responsibility for the attacks.


This leaves the question of what retaliation is possible, if, as Netanyahu put it, "those who gave the order to murder our citizens while hiding in Gaza are no longer among the living." He gave no indication who else would be bombed.


Defense Minister Ehud Barak, however, hinted that it might be the Gaza Strip in general, commenting yesterday that "if there will be a need the strikes will intensify." Since yesterday's Gaza bombings a number of rockets have been fired from the strip, injuring six Israelis when one of them hit a religious school. Most of the rockets landed in empty fields." (1)


It is way past time that Israel and its global-fantasies were ended. The people of the world need to rise up against this Barbaric and murderous state and end its ability to do anything anymore.


The self-declared Amerikan-Zionists here ought to be held for court in The Hague. This would include, but would not be limited to: Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Bush as well as Cheney. No American forces or weapons ought to be used against the Palestinians this time. If other outside forces were to attack Israel over this issue, there are several nations that have both the military power to crush Israel and the will to do it. And if Israel had to fight for its own life, instead of looking to the USA for protection: they would lose that kind of battle in a heartbeat. This might sound ridiculous but listen to this video below and ask yourself who really wants to start WWIII?


"History is about to repeat itself: The United States Government got out of the Wall Street created Crash of 1907 by getting into WWI. The United States Government got out of the Wall Street Created Crash of 1929 by getting into WWII. The United States Government is preparing to get out of the Wall Street created Crash of 2008 by getting into WWIII. Ah but in this version of the global mistake it is the United States that is the initiator and aggressor. Germany was smart enough to refuse the role this time around. And since the end of the 19th Century every major war has been lost by the nation that started it. . ." more at the link. (2)


The world's people need to rise as one people, opposed to the insanity of Israeli demands, and end the intimidating false-power of the Zionists worldwide, forever. Zionists in every place where they have inserted themselves must be located and driven out, their properties and wealth seized for a global fund to rebuild what they have so utterly destroyed. The survivors could return to wherever they originally came from and attempt to find either surcease or prosecution there; but Zionism must be erased from history and all of its works; along with their temples to money-internationally that must be liquidated. Once this OUTLAWED system is smashed, the fake debt will disappear back into cyberspace and those responsible for it can be tried and punished. The world of today can no longer tolerate these madmen or any of their plans for our future.


The true history of all these global wars was initiated through the Zionist-controlled banks that funded both WWI and WWII. Israel should be removed from the global chessboard before they can be allowed to start WWIII! Sun Tzu said:


"You must operate from a strong sense of moral justification that even the threat of death will not deter you from your course. For a nation to have this moral strength and resolution, the government must have the support of the people. Leaders who would wage war without this strong moral justification, and who do not have the wholehearted support of the people, will find their own power bases quickly crumbling."


This has been the one forever-truth that will define what is about to happen to the planet: And America, despite her reluctance thus far, finds herself in this exact position now, regarding our willingness to resist, as we move to the edge of WWIII.


Barbarians cannot rule the world, they can only destroy everything they come into contact with and Benjamin Netanyahu needs to come face to face with the global anger that his shitty little country has caused the world to suffer through. Our own 'people' that includes the 300 congressional outlaws that signed letters of undying support for whatever Israel chooses to do in the future must be among those rounded up as Zionists. This will tear at the very foundations of this nation-but if we do not do this now there may never be another chance to bring down these monsters we have so thoroughly embraced since long before 1948!



1) Netanyahu Strikes, Only the Beginning of Retaliation


2) History is about to repeat itself - VIDEO

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