August 24, 2011

Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy

Florida 2000; Ohio 2004. Two presidential elections that challenged forever the notion that the people have the last say in deciding who leads - in both cases powerful interests overruled real democracy. Note well that this has nothing to do with your personal views regarding whether G or K would have made a better leader than B or not - but it has everything to do with subverting the will of the people. Nor is this a partisan view, as it is well known that JFK won through fraud (mainly Chicago) in 1960.

The real tragedy remains that, more than a decade after 'hanging' & 'pregnant' chads, basic changes - like a paper audit trail and data protocols that prevent the hacking of democracy are yet to be made. This leaves the door open to ongoing abuses from whichever side of the political spectrum happens to wield power over the 'black box' electronic vote counters! Don't doubt for a moment that decisions relating to vendor selection will in future be heavily influenced by who can better 'deliver the votes'.

Sites with all the info - Dig in:
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More tell-tale videos:


Clint Curtis’s testimony re: GOP election theft in Florida (and beyond)

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