September 15, 2011

Rome's Tiny Outpost

Once upon our time there existed a small, relatively minor outpost of Rome on a continent far away. The tiny land of UnReal had been carved out of lands inhabited by the locals for centuries by Rome and its allies after they were victorious at the end of a long battle. While Unreal was recognized as a state and allocated 56% of the land area (after having driven out the inhabitants), the remaining 44% was allocated to PaLessLand - though no state was formally established for the displaced residents.

Not satisfied with gaining the larger portion of a land for which they had occupied less than 5% prior to this arrangement, UnReal later embarked on a series of incursions into the territory of PaLessLand in a sustained effort to expand its territorial base, so much so that a mere six decades after its founding, UnReal now claimed at least 78% of the entire territory. Still unsatisfied with this portion, UnReal began to seize prime acreage of the rapidly-shrinking PaLessLand for illegal housing estates, leading to the natives being confined to an area of less than half of the remaining 22%. To add insult to injury these foreign settlers proceeded on a campaign of abusing the oppressed natives through beatings and even killings, poisoning their water sources and burning their fruit trees and farms on which they depended for a living, all the while the occupying armed forces looking on with approval.

Meanwhile more and more of those living in Rome as well as other countries slowly began to raise an alarm, ending eventually in a deafening uproar against the continued inhumane and oppressive treatment meted out by a brutal occupier against a defenseless people. Still the people of UnReal stood their ground, claiming with great certitude that their Holy Books confirmed that there was no doubt they were the 'Master Race' - God's chosen people - and that He had pledged all of these lands to them and to them only. As they were simply carrying out the will of The Creator, all actions taken towards that end were righteous and could not be questioned, even if it were to lead to the complete annihilation of those who stood in their way! At the same time they continued to demand sympathy from the onlooking public by reminding everyone about the terrible abuses they had suffered at the hands of the now-vanquished enemies of Rome during its last big battle, whilst from time to time organizing strategic 'false flag' operations to convince all that they were the real victims.

Eventually however, as the rest of the world grew stronger and stronger while Rome continued to weaken owing to its own misguided practices at home and abroad, PaLessLand was granted full statehood as its brutal occupier had been allowed to so many years earlier. However, although both PaLessLand and its neighboring states acknowledged the historical borders assigned to UnReal at its inception, the enraged state refused to cease its arrogant and aggressive overreaching for lands that it insisted were its divine inheritance. Loudly proclaiming that all the countries of the world gathered in force against the 'chosen ones' would certainly perish at the hands of The Almighty, they waited in vain for divine deliverance. History will record that there was widespread shock in the land when the expected miracle failed to materialize to deliver them from the consequences of their powerful but mistaken belief. Even more shocking though, were the reactions from a great number of purported followers of the Messenger rejected many generations before by the ancestors of UnReal - namely an 'angelical' sect which had provided moral, financial and political support for the misguided belief that the old UnReal still enjoyed the protection of a once-held birthright that they should have known from the teachings of both the Messenger and his associates had since been passed exclusively to those from among all the nations who wholeheartedly accepted his ransom sacrifice. How sad indeed!

In the end, when Rome in its severely weakened state was no longer able to protect its tiny outpost in that far-away land, the greedy and unrighteous UnReal suffered unimaginable losses - grave levels of destruction and desolation that might so easily have been avoided by a humbler and wiser people. Please be aware that any similarity between this short story and actual events of our time may prove more than merely coincidental. But then again, you can never really be certain about that, can you?

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