October 23, 2011

The Daily Bell Interviews an Anarchist

Anarchist - Definition

Anarchism is a generic term describing various political philosophies and social movements that advocate the elimination of hierarchy and imposed authority. These philosophies use anarchy to mean a society based on voluntary cooperation of free individuals. Philosophical anarchist thought does not advocate chaos or anomie — it intends "anarchy" to refer to a manner of human relations that is intentionally established and maintained.

Hope this definition clears up a term that remains widely misunderstood even by some dictionaries! [The government and the media always likes to make anarchists – who are peace lovers and who hold the non-aggression principle at the heart of their being – out as violent rioters and protesters. The real violent rioters and protesters are usually government workers. Try to reduce their wages or lay one of them off and you will have an out of control riot on your hand.] Extract from interview below.

Another interview from a recent post:
Anarchism : Freedom From State Coercion

Sunday, October 23, 2011 – with Anthony Wile

Jeff Berwick The Daily Bell is pleased to present an interview with Jeffrey Berwick (left).
Introduction: Mr. Berwick is an anarchist, libertarian, and freedom fighter against mankind's two biggest enemies, the state and the central banks. Jeff is the host of Anarchast, an anarchist video podcast, and is a contributing editor at many of the world's largest financial and precious metals related websites. The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is a joint-venture publication founded by two respected free-market speakers and analysts in the financial sector, Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos. In 1994, Jeff Berwick founded Canada's largest financial website, Stockhouse.com.
A brief synopsis:
Daily Bell: Can the Internet be controlled and ultimately vanquished by the powers-that-be?
Jeff Berwick: It can be controlled to an extent but as I stated there are usually ways around it for those who really want access to the information.
My greatest fear for humanity, actually, is a solar electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The sun puts out EMPs large enough to knock out most of the world's electrical systems for years – and this occurs every hundred years or so and we are due for one. This is by far the greatest risk to mankind that I know of. Yet little or no contingency plans have been set up for this inevitability.
That's the non-man-made risk. As for how we can destroy ourselves, I am hopeful that governments cannot and will not. I think the powers-that-be have made a massive tactical error by not realizing much earlier – circa 1993 – how the Internet will undermine the power and control of all governments. They are starting to realize this now, of course. That is why Obama and other politicians speak from time to time of an "Internet kill switch."
They will likely try to use this as the US devolves into riots and unrest as the US dollar enters hyperinflation or the US Government defaults on its obligations and debt. However, I believe it is now too late. People around the world have realized the value and the power of the Internet and any governmental attempt to take it away would be met with extreme hostility.

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