October 15, 2011

Morbid Addiction: CIA & the Drug Trade

Modern-day Prohibition has moved on from its early-20th century focus on alcohol - now respectable to a panoply of substances (from mood-altering to nutritional supplements) for which some panel of 'experts' somewhere has decided that their views take precedence over individual freedom of choice. As with its predecessor almost a century ago, the Prohibition of today has wrought more brutality and crime upon society than anything even remotely imaginable from the consumption of the outlawed substances - rather than alter human behavior it has simply resulted in a lucrative black market serving inevitably to create rich and powerful criminal enterprises and excuses for greater levels of state corruption & brutality as they justify ever greater power to wage an ultimately unwinnable war.

The irony is that criminality worsens as the mob/gang element grows stronger (due to vast profits) while large segments of society rub shoulders with genuine criminals while in 'lock-up' for crimes without real victims. More ironic though - as reflected in the article and excellent video, is what has been for some time now an open secret of state involvement in the addictive profits seen as a means of financing fund-starved operations - the real reason why legalization will not happen anytime soon.

The EyeOpener- Morbid Addiction: CIA & the Drug Trade

Friday, 14. October 2011 by Matthew

The Modern-Day British East India Company: The CIA

Just as the British Empire was in part financed by their control of the opium trade through the British East India Company, so too has the CIA been found time after time to be at the heart of the modern international drug trade. From its very inception, the CIA has been embroiled in the murky underworld of drug trafficking.
There are billions of dollars per year to be made in keeping the drug trade going, and it has long been established that Wall Street and the major American banks rely on drug money as a ready source of liquid capital. With those kinds of funds at stake, it is unsurprising to see a media-government-banking nexus develop around the status quo of a never-ending war on drugs – aided, abetted and facilitated by the modern-day British East India Company, the CIA.
This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett presenting the history, documented facts, and cases on the CIA’s involvement and operations in the underworld of drug trafficking, from the Corsican Mafia in the 1940s through the 1980s Contras to the recent Zambada Niebla Case today.

The EyeOpener-Morbid Addiction:CIA & the Drug Trade(Video)

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