October 28, 2011

The Mysterious Deaths of Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers

The Mysterious Deaths of Nine Gulf Oil Spill Whistleblowers

The War on Whistleblowers by the State was highlighted in a previous post as a major reason why events such as 9/11 are as yet unrecognized by the majority as the false-flag events they really are. But the State may not have sole ownership of the dictum that 'Dead Men Tell No Tales'. The article below highlights a growing number of witnesses who came forward to expose aspects of this disaster only to become part of the latest statistics on deaths, disappearances or attempted assassinations.

BP Oil Spill Whistleblowers And Experts Continue To Mysteriously Die

The Intel Hub
October 27, 2011
In the last year and a half at least 10 experts, whistleblowers and BP connected individuals have died under mysterious circumstances.
This information was widely reported in an April 10th, 2011 video which at the time listed 9 deaths and 3 imprisonments, disappearances, or attempted assassinations.
Now, another BP oil spill connected individual has mysteriously died, moving the number of oil spill connected deaths to at least 10.
George Thomas Wainwright, a BP ROV pilot was supposedly killed in a freak shark attack in Australia.
The avid outdoorsman and Texas A&M graduate was a marine systems engineer involved with capping the Macondo well after last year’s BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Wainwright – whose body was recovered by the college friends he was boating with – is the third man killed by a great white in the state in two months.
While this is obviously a very sad story, it may have a more sinister meaning considering the fact that at least 9 other BP and oil spill related whistleblowers or experts have died since the oil spill that saw a horrendous amount of openly toxic dispersant sprayed throughout the gulf.
Consider this breakdown from Real Coastal Warriors:  (read more...)

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