November 21, 2011

Hitler's Holocaust - History's Horrendous Hoax?

The Holohoax (more videos onsite)

According to Wikipedia: "A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment." As more evidence continues to surface bringing into question actual physical arrangements, records and sheer scale of the holocaust killings, a rational person is left with choosing either blind acceptance or digging deeper to unearth the truth. This is not to deny the brutality of which we well know dictators and maximum leaders to be capable - for example historians have recently suggested that as many as 20 million people are likely to have perished under the brutal Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin. But the most ruthless dictator of all time was easily communist leader Mao Zedong, said to have ordered the deaths of 50-80 million Chinese.

Questions abound starting with the physical facilities, which subsequent investigations and forensic tests now reveal to have been incapable of carrying out the gassings on the massive scale required. Records at the various death camps seized by the Soviets were finally released almost 50 years after. At Auschwitz, for example, it is known that more Roman Catholics died than Jews, with the total documented being more of the order of one hundred thousand, rather than the four million presumed. The historical record is replete with blatant lies and exaggerated testimony from the survivors, some of whom have since been proven to have never been at the locations claimed. There is a history of staged photos by the Allied Forces and evidence of torture leading to false confessions at Nuremberg.

Both the video and the articles present compelling evidence that the magnitude of the killings, while serious, did not approach anything remotely close to the six million figure - which, as the highlighted article reveals, was a repeat of a false claim made relating to WWI by a book published since 1919! The actual amount of of both Jew & non-Jew killings is now thought to be well under half a million. Yet making such claims can land you a stiff prison sentence in Germany and a few other places today.

While no amount of atrocities perpetrated on Jews, Catholics or anybody else can ever be justified, this false history has been used to gain billions in reparations from both Germany and other nations. It has also led to the world largely turning a blind eye to the illegal occupation, persecution and even blatant theft of Palestinian lands, owing to an equally one-sided public relations exercise, aided and abetted by a press corps and public opinion overly sympathetic to a clearly suspect wartime history.

As I continue to delve deeper into the Zionist belief system, it has become clearer that these are a people who believe fervently that they alone are the recipients of a divine birthright. This core belief leads them to consider any non-Jewish persons as being inferior to themselves as 'the chosen people'. It also creates a tendency to grossly inflate the extent of their persecution, whilst downplaying their own abuses of non-Jews, who they are permitted to treat as sub-human according to their own laws.

Holohoax 101 - The Fundamentals of the Holocaust Hoax

The First Holohoax, During World War One

The book The First Holocaust, Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War The First Holocaust One by Don Heddeshemimer is documented with reprints of articles from the New York Times and other Jewish press that claimed that there was a holocaust of the Jews during World War One. For example, see the article by Martin Glynn, the former Mayor of New York, describing a holocaust of six million Jews published in 1919 at Heddesheimer missed the systematic and murderous extermination of six million Jews in 1906, as reported in the New York Times, see

From a review of the book on, "I guess they would call it 'Chutzpah', to publicly use the same big lie twice within the span of twenty or so years." Note: Amazon removed the quoted review.

Rabbi Stephen Wise, founder of the American Jewish Congress and assistant to Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, the leader of the Zionist movement in the US, was instrumental in creating the WW I hoax, and led the efforts to resurrect the hoax during WW II.

A Gas Chamber With a View

According to the USHMM website - "Between 1941 and 1944, Nazi German authorities deported millions of Jews from Germany, from occupied territories, and from the countries of many of its Axis allies to ghettos and to killing centers, often called extermination camps, where they were murdered in specially developed gassing facilities."

There Auschwitz Gas Chamber Window are now only six alleged 'death camps', four were razed before the end of the war, and two, Auschwitz and Majdanek, are still standing. There are visitors tours at Auschwitz and Majdanek, and they culminate at 'specially developed gassing facilities', or gas chambers. Let's have a look - this is the door to the 'gas chamber' at Auschwitz - Yes, that is a window, and it is unbarred. The door itself is a typical wooden office door, it is not sealed. A visitor recently asked a guide why the prisoners didn't break the window and escape, the guide replied that an armed guard was stationed outside the door. That is, they really expect people to believe that this was a 'gas chamber', and, amazingly, people do. The 'gas chamber' is actually a morgue room in a crematorium.

This is a picture of the 'gas chamber' at Majdanek, and yes, that is an unbarred window. Majdanek Gas Chamber Window

The Majdanek hoax gas chamber is a fumigation room, where Zyklon, an insecticide used all over Europe to kill lice to prevent the spread of typhus, was used to delouse clothing. A building containing several fumigation rooms still exists at Auschwitz, complete with the special machinery used to generate, distribute, and exhaust the gas produced by Zyklon. These rooms at Auschwitz are never shown to visitors. The fumigation rooms became the 'homicidal gas chambers' of the holohoax.

For the complete story and a video tour of Auschwitz, including the hoax gas chamber, see

The hoax gas chambers at Auschwitz and Majdanek are the only 'gas chambers' in existence.

Dr. Charles Larson headed a team of forensic pathologists sent into the camps at the end of the war to document war crimes. They conducted hundreds of autopsies at more than twenty camps, they did not find a single body showing signs of gas poisioning. None have been found since, at any camp.

The Photos

The photos that you have seen, presented as evidence of the holocaust, were taken at the end of the war by British and US troops at Belsen and other western camps, not 'death camps', and the prisoners were not killed by the Nazis but died of disease.
Belsen was a concentration camp in Germany. Near the end of the war as the Soviet troops approached the camps in the east, including Auschwitz, prisoners were transferred to camps in the west. At Belsen there was overcrowding, the facilities broke down, there was inadequte food, supplies, and medicine, and there was a resulting typhus epidemic that killed 35,000 people, for a recent report see
Not all of the prisoners died but you have never seen pictures of the ones who didn't, like those at the left. The movie made by the British, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, with documentary footage shot when they entered Belsen, and the source of the photo to the left, can be seen here . A more comprehensive collection of photos can be seen at Belsen survivors .
Josef Kramer was the commandant at Belsen, and captured documents show that he did everything he could to prevent the catastrophe that engulfed the camp. He was tried and hanged at the end of the war. The letter he wrote to the camp administration requesting more food, medicine, supplies, etc., can be seen here .

His case is eerily similar to that of Captain Henry Wirz, who headed the Andersonville prison at the end of the US Civil War. Wirz was also tried and hanged. To read an account of his hoax trial, see Wirz's trial was the first 'war crimes' trial and is often cited as the precedent for Nuremberg. Remarkably, (or not), Wirz is still portrayed as a 'war criminal' in the US media.

The Documents

The Nazis kept meticulous records in the camps, including death certificates for every prisoner that died, Auschwitz stone plaque 4 million and 'Death Books' summarizing the deaths. The Soviets captured the Auschwitz records but hid them for 45 years. A stone plaque was placed at the Auschwitz entrance stating that 4 million had died there.

In the early 90's the Russians released the documents. Samples, and a summary analysis, can be seen here Auschwitz stone plaque 1.5 million The data shows that more Roman Catholics died at Auschwitz than Jews. The old stone plaque stating that four million had died was replaced by the plaque shown to the left claiming that one and a half million had died. The new number was not documented; based on the documents the figure should be on the order of (some months are missing) one hundred thousand.

Remarkably, (or not), the six million total for Jewish victims of the holocaust was not affected.

The documents captured by the British and US forces, over sixty million documents, have been kept secret to all accept the holohoax 'authorities' at Bad Arolsen to this day.

The Survivors

The holohoax is based on lies told by the 'survivors'.
The three most famous holocaust survivors, Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank, and Primo Levi, have something in common - when the Soviet army approached Auschwitz, they were all in camp hospitals, there were several, the main Auschwitz hospital is shown to the left. Elie Wiesel was being treated for an Auschwitz hospital infected foot. The Nazis gave him the option of waiting to be liberated by the Soviets, or evacuating to the west. Wiesel, with his father, chose to leave with the Nazis. This is related in his book Night describing his year at Auschwitz. There is not a single mention of gas chambers in the book.
Anne Frank and Otto Frank, her father, were first taken to Auschwitz. They were there when the Soviets approached. Otto had contracted tyhpus and was in the camp hospital, and was liberated by the Soviets. Anne was transferred west where she died of typhus in the epidemic at Belsen.
Primo Levi was also in the Auschwitz hospital and was liberated by the Soviets.

Abraham Bomba describes how barbers at Treblinka gave haircuts to roomfuls of naked women in the gas chambers, including their wives, sisters, and mothers, just before their executions in the very same room. He was featured in the movie Shoah documenting the holocaust. His absurd 'testimony' can be seen at, episode 7. This is a must see.
Yehuda Bauer, Director of Research at Yad Vashem writes in the introduction to survivor Filip Mueller's book Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers "This is a unique document indeed, it is the testimony of the only man who saw the Jewish people die and lived to tell what he saw." Mueller begins in the morning, "where some 500 prisoners had lined up in rows of 10 so that they might enjoy their Sunday rest according to established Auschwitz tradition." The kapo then barks orders to the prisoners to take off and replace their caps. Those not fast enough are bludgeoned to death. One new prisoner speaks up, "I'm sure the people in charge know nothing whatever about this. I protest." He is bludgeoned to death. "As a result of this mornings sporting activities, thirty-five bludgeoned bodies now lay in the yard of Block 11. However our harassment was by no means at an end. Although by now we were exhausted we stood in line behind wooden tea vats. The tea should have been served early in the morning and was now STONE COLD." All you have to do to realize the holohoax is pure phantasmagoria is to read actual 'testimony' of the only man who saw the Jewish people die and lived to tell what he saw.


None of the defendants at Nuremberg admitted to any part of the holocaust or any direct knowledge of the Ernst Kaltenbrunner holocaust, and only one, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, head of the Reich Security Main Office, was charged with having an operational role in the killing of Jews. He testified as follows:

DR. KAUFFMANN: What attitude did you adopt when you heard about it?

KALTENBRUNNER: I had no knowledge of Hitler's order to Heydrich regarding the final solution of the Jewish problem at the time I took up my office. In the summer of 1943 I gathered from the foreign press and through the enemy radio...

That is, he testified that he had no direct part in the holocaust, and only learned of it via the foreign press and enemy radio. See the testimony here
Kaltenbrunner also testified

COL. BROOKHART: Witness after witness, by testimony and affidavit, has said that the gas chamber killings were done on general or specific orders of Kaltenbrunner.

KALTENBRUNNER: Show me one of those men or any of those orders. It is utterly impossible.

COL. BROOKHART: Practically all of the orders came through Kaltenbrunner.

KALTENBRUNNER: Entirely impossible.

The only man charged at Nuremberg with participation in the holocaust did not plead that he was "Following orders', he testified that it was "Entirely impossible".

Brainwashing Then

The holohoax brainwashing got into full swing immediately at the end of WW II. Within a week of the capture Billy Wilder at Buchenwald of Buchenwald, the famous Hollywood director Billy Wilder was in the camp making a film of propaganda lies that still circulate to this day. An inadvertent picture of Wilder on the set at Buchenwald is shown to the left. The film, complete with props, claimed that the Nazis made soap from the fat of (Jewish only of course) prisoners, made lampshades from the skin of prisoners, and shrunk the heads of prisoners like in the Amazon. Even the holohoax establishment now admits these were all lies. See

The Nazis investigated any suspected crimes in the camps, and these investigations were headed by Judge Konrad Morgen. In the course of investigating Karl Koch, the commandant at Buchenwald, for the charge of having three prisoneres killed, he also investigated reports of the 'irregularities' like the ones listed above and found them to be unfounded. Koch, on the other hand, was found guilty and hanged. Morgen was tortured at Nuremberg to confirm the reports of irregularites at Buchenwald but refused. See

Brainwashing Now

The Jews are making every effort to brainwash the US public to believe the holohoax, and holohoax education Florida Holohoax manual is now mandated in many states, starting in KINDERGARTEN, and continuing through all grades. The cover of the Florida manual for holohoax education for K-3 students is shown to the left. You can find the laws regarding holohoax education in your state at

Holohoax 102 - Holohoax Believe It, or Not

Holohoax 103 - Ripley's Annex

Holohoax 201 - Advanced Holohoax Studies

Holohoax 202 - Holohoax Consequences and Implications

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