November 10, 2011

Iran: The Latest Israeli Target - When Will We Wisen Up?

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. This is the condition of children and barbarians, in whom instinct has learned nothing from experience." -- George Santayana

As the legendary Yogi Berra once enlightened us in a few simple words: "It's deja vu all over again!" The drums of war are thumping once more, drowning out all sense of reality while resting on a shaky foundation of phony terror plots and contrived IAEA nuclear reports - shades of an earlier yellow-cake fable leading to a costly and deadly misadventure in a nearby country with an almost identical name. Will we ever learn? Avid movie buffs know only too well that the sequel seldom matches the success of its forerunner, either in box office receipts or critical acclaim. And as this real-life adaptation of a costly Hollywood clunker gets set to premiere, its producers seem blissfully unaware that events have now turned so radically that the audience has become exhausted with the same predictable plot-line!

Will the 'movie-makers' get wise to the new reality and replace the old jaded scriptwriters with fresh new talent, savvy enough to grasp the changed reality or will we be again subjected to reruns of old, discredited plots? Or as asked in an earlier post, is this perhaps Much Saber Rattling About Nothing? The sites linked below give differing perspectives on an insane march towards Armageddon while the outstanding piece from Veterans Today introduces a unique twist that could backfire on all involved!

Iran: Israeli Attack – A Story Of Betrayal

Follow the Money

Follow The Money: Israel to Use Iran To Betray USA, Nuclear WAR In Middle East and Central Asia in Weeks

by  Mike Harris

Last week’s intelligence revelation that Iran has six nuclear weapons that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, acquired in 2003, was significant.
The other significant revelation of the week was that Iran and Israel have colluded for a military engagement to close the Straits of Hormuz for a period of time to drive up the price of oil.
The clock is ticking!! Oil futures for the first week in December2011  are selling at $120/barrel,  which is a  $35/barrel increase in price, which means that within three weeks there will be a military action that will at least temporarily close the Straits of Hormuz!
Late last week a confidential source in New York, a British born Israeli operative has confirmed, yes there is an agreement with Iran for a limited attack, but the joke is on Iran. This will not be a limited attack, but an Israeli nuclear strike  on Iranian population centers.

Is Israel Bluffing to Extract More Western Pressure on Iran - Or Go Now for the Money?
Israel is going for all out war in the Eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Iran has agreed to allow Israeli jets to violate their airspace expecting a limited attack; Israel will betray Iran thereby forcing Iran to launch at least 2 or maybe 3 of the Nukes they acquired via Ukraine in 2003.
Israel will protest loudly that  the nuclear explosions are a result of the Iranian Nuclear bomb programs detonated by their pre-emptive strike to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.
Iran made the mistake of believing the assurances of the Israeli’s, who never had any intention of limiting the attack.
The motto of Mossad is “By way of  deception thou shalt go to war”. If the Mullah’s allow the Israeli’s into their airspace, it will be Nuclear Armageddon for Iran and the entire world.
It is Israel’s plan by attacking Iranian population centers that Iran will retaliate against the US Fleet, which is the only military force in the theater of operations capable of mounting a credible military threat.
Israel’s financial sponsors need the USA to make war against Iran, to keep the global financial system afloat.
Israeli intelligence,  anticipates that once they detonate nuclear weapon in Iran, Iran will respond with massive retaliation by attacking both Israel and the US Fleet. Israel also anticipates that the US Fleet is a greater threat to Iran than the Israeli Military.

Loads of Silkworm Missles Ready to Go
Iran will launch a retaliatory missile strike of 25,000 -40,000 missiles within the first 20-60 minutes.
Two or more of those missiles will contain nuclear warheads and will be detonated at an altitude of 2000-2500 feet above sea level in the midst of the US Carrier groups stationed within the area.
A 550 Kiloton Nuclear device detonated 2500 feet above the US Carrier Groups in the area will completely destroy the US Fleet and drag the USA into a long and protracted war with Iran, A war the USA does not want or need.
Israel’s financial sponsors (House of Rothschild, City of London et al.) have already bet the farm on the price of oil futures rising above $120/barrel December 1st from the current spot price of $81-89/barrel; they cannot void those futures contracts, currently there are no buyers at that price.

An Attack Will Skyrocket Oil Prices and Collapse Economies
Israel has no choice but to escalate to full scale war to keep their financial sponsors viable during the current global financial meltdown.
Once again, America is going to war for Israel, and the bankers like it or not, that is what is about to happen.
Expect the week of Monday November 7, 2011,  to be a very bad week on Wall Street, with major declines across every sector: watch for exceptionally massive buying of shares of in the defense sector and energy sectors.
After all the USA is soon going to need to replace the 5th and 6th  Fleets, I would buy stock in shipyards and other military suppliers. We already know where the price of oil and gas is headed.
 Editing:  Jim W. Dean

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