November 20, 2011

The Mythical Arch-Villain - Cashing In On Former Assets

In the shadowy world of espionage and counterintelligence up becomes down, wrong is made to look like right and players are viewed as expendable as pawns on a chessboard. Spreading disinformation is elevated to an art-form, the goal being to confuse the enemy as much as possible. Of course, the average Joe remains blissfully unaware that the 'mark' being suckered in this high-stakes poker game is not restricted to opposing states, but includes the general public who are easily controlled when kept in a constant state of fear. In this world of fabricated terror, you can be a valuable asset doing the bidding of your 'handlers' one day and the next find yourself repainted as a black knight - deep in opposing territory and now a target of convenience on the grand chessboard of international intrigue.

The list of former CIA assets is way beyond the scope of this post, stretching from lowly employees (like 9/11 whistleblower Susan Lindauer) to heads of state (Manuel Noriega) and groups (Al Qaeda). What should concern everyone with even half a brain is what is the end game for those whose goal is to keep the populace 'dumbed down' and in a constant state of fear. While you ponder that disturbing question, following is a piece about a former asset who was 'resurrected' to continue the cashing in!


Shame: Cashing in on Bin Laden

Elvis Bin Laden

Long Dead CIA Asset Now “Cash Cow” for Storytellers

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor 

We have conflicting accounts by groups claiming to be “SEALS” involved in what they claim to have been the operation that they say led to the killing, months ago of Osama bin Laden.  Where do you begin, dealing with one fantasy and then another.
Osama bin Laden was a Saudi national who worked for the CIA in Afghanistan, designated as the most trusted asset in CIA history, tasked with handling and distributing Stinger missiles, each of which could down an airliner anywhere in the world. 
His loyalty to the United States is unquestioned. 
I have met and debriefed several that knew him.  These things were universally established:
  • Bin Laden spoke fluent English
  • Osama bin Laden died December 13, 2001 of kidney disease after having received repeated treatments, some at US facilities
  • During his life, Osama bin Laden never led terrorist forces of any kind against the United States, quite the opposite, he was a trusted ally until his death
  • After his death, his body was recovered by US Special Forces, over a decade ago and taken to a location in the Persian Gulf region
There is also proof of the following:
  • Video and later audio tapes tying Osama bin Laden to 9/11 were fraudulent and proven so through independent qualified technical analysis, every single one of them
  • Though everyone working with the US and NATO is forced to speak of “Al Qaeda,” there has never been such an organization
As for Abbotabad:
  • Witness statements of an American helicopter crash with many American casualties, multiple deaths of SEALS and air crew,  have never been refuted
  • No proof of any kind tying Osama bin Laden to Abbotabad has ever been submitted
  • The story about the Islamic ritual of “sea burial,” a total fabrication, has made the US a laughing stock
  • The two “convenient” helicopter crashes, one in Abbotabad, one in Afghanistan, involving the “bin Laden unit” is not just suspicious but totally discredits the entire operation when combined with the endless conflicting stories, the disproven scenarios and the lack of any physical evidence

General Petreaus - Now CIA Chief
President Obama, though the polls weren’t as positive as wanted, got needed credit among voters stupid enough to accept the cover story.
We are describing, of course, “Republicans.”
It is now impossible for new CIA director Petraeus to claim credit for killing the long dead Osama bin Laden, an American ally who was smeared by the Bush administration, a group now designated “war criminals.”
The entire episode, from the lies about bin Laden to the fiction of his capture and murder reflect poorly on the United States and its military forces.
Time to move on, take the money from the books and cash in.
We know when we have been scammed.
It is far more easy to prove Osama bin Laden a hero than any who falsely claim to have killed him.  Who crashed the Soviet Union?
  • Lee Wanta (imprisoned, now VT contributor)
  • General Hamid Gul (VT Editor and on terror watch list)
  • Osama bin Laden (Top CIA Asset, dead over 10 years now)
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