November 09, 2011

The Symbolism Of 11-9-2011 And 9-11-2001

"In a symbol there is concealment and yet revelation: here therefore, by silence and by speech acting together, comes a double significance." -- Thomas Carlyle

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The Symbolism Of 11-9-2011 And 9-11-2001

Because our government is owned by the bankers I predict the future by following the bankers and their money. And, since many of these bankers are Jewish, I also follow the Rothschilds, Israel and their network of friends.
The EAS 3 minute broadcasting and Internet test on 11-9-2011 will enable the President and the people who bought him to shut down all communications. It is obvious bankers would like to stop any criticism that would excite the taxpayers into demanding the return of the 30 trillion dollars that was stolen from them by Wall Street.
Today I need to emphasize the Jewish Kabbalah and its relation to the date 11-9 in Jewish number mysticism. 11-9 also just happens to be the date in 1938 of Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass when Germans rioted after a Jew shot a German diplomat in Paris. Some have said this event was either caused by the Jews or at least exaggerated by them for political benefit.
11-9 is also the European convention of month day for September 11th or 9-11. A European writing about that EAS test would write it as 9-11-2011.
The following video is of a very famous speech given by George Herbert Walker Bush on 9-11-1990 announcing the New World Order exactly 11 years to the day before the the MOSSAD and their friends inside the US government combined to take down the World Trade Center Towers by controlled demolition.
If you cannot bear to watch this poor excuse for a man, I will tell you that Papa Bush said our fifth objective is a New World Order. He made this speech at a joint session of Congress on 9-11-1990 prior to the invasion of Iraq.
The fifth objective is a symbolic reference to Satan. The four points of the compass are symbolized by the cross. The Self at the center is the fifth element of a balanced mind existing in this world. When you project the Self outside yourself into the world, you have an unbalanced or satanic mind.
9-11 is a reference to Kaballah, a Jewish mystical system that is the basis of Freemasonry. Kaballah tells us there are 10 levels below God. He is on the 11th and Infinite level which is above us. Mankind is on the lowest of the ten levels. The Kaballists use 22 paths to connect the ten levels. If you add in the Ain Soph Aur (Light Without Limit) which is above, you have 10 + 22 + 1 = 33 stations corresponding to the 33 levels of the Freemasons.
A student of Kaballah traverses these 32 paths and levels to reach towards the Ain Soph Aur. Suppose you wanted to elevate yourself to the level of God. You eliminate the 22 paths and go directly from the 9th level to the 11th or Ain Soph Aur.
Thus 9-11 is a symbol for man replacing God. Remember that mortal men are down on the lowest level. A man who has raised himself to the level of a god must show his contempt for those down below.
There is another element we must examine. One reason Chinese people want to eat freshly killed chickens is that they know they are consuming the energy as well as the flesh of those birds. Similarly when humans die, they release energy which Psychic Vampires believe they can consume. What matters here is that those people sacrificing mere mortals believe this to be true not that it is real.
I believe that the ghouls who run this world feel the need to feed on innocent blood. And they also believe they have the right to do so. On 9-11-1990 more than a million Iraqis were called to sacrifice. On 9-11-2001 millions of people in many different nations were called to sacrifice.
Let us see what happens after election day in 2012. 11-9-2012 is a Friday. It would be a good day to announce an international conference to devalue the dollar and the pound or to take the first steps towards a One World government. Or maybe to do both.
There should be no doubt as to who the bankers will call upon to be sacrificed.

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