December 27, 2011

Drones, Torture, Illusions, & War Crimes

Obama and the War Criminals

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” -- Aeschylus

When is a drone not a real drone but a fake? - whenever it has been taken down by our mortal enemy. When is shooting an innocent girl and bombing her father while trying to rescue her not a war crime? - only when the shooters and bombers belong to our side. When is torture not really called torture, but instead reclassified as 'enhanced interrogation techniques'? - why, whenever your government does it! And when is an illusion not really illusion? - when your government assures you it is real, of course!

Remember, as you settle comfortably into your front-row seat, that the plot-line of this horror movie remains consistent all the way through - only the victims change from scene to scene. The final 'acts' which bring down the curtain on this real-life play include full participation by all audience members. But not to worry, the Director-in-Chief and all crew members have reassured us that any torture seen is not real, that all drowning is simulated and that only those appearing on his guilty list will be shot!

Government Drones

The U.S. government is run by liars. Every civil government is run by liars. This is the nature of civil government. We may hope for incompetent liars. We may hope for little white liars. But to hope for a civil government run by truth-tellers is utopian.
Second, the U.S. government routinely violates laws. It routinely violates decency. But it would be an exaggeration to say that it is run by fools. On the contrary, it is run by self-interested bureaucrats who fully understand that American voters are the fools, not the bureaucrats.
Let us not identify inaccurately the source of the foolishness.
If people who run the government learned that, every time they did what looks like an utterly foolish thing, their department's budget were cut by (say) 2%, and yet they kept doing similar things, then they could reasonably be classified as fools. But this is not what happens. Every agency always has its budget increased in the next fiscal year. Also, only rarely does a liar who is caught in a whopper get fired. I would say "never," but neither I nor anyone else can follow the number of official lies in Washington in one day, let alone an entire fiscal year. So, I will just say "rarely."

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