December 26, 2011

The Experts Agree...Gun Control Works!

Warning America: Don't give up your guns!

"For the first time in history does a nation have complete gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient. The world will follow our lead in the future." - Adolph Hitler
(please note that this quote has been incorrectly attributed to Hitler - see comments below)

"Never Forget, even for an instant, that the one and only reason anybody has for taking your gun away is to make you weaker than he is, so he can do something to you that you wouldn't allow him to do if you were equipped to prevent it. This goes for burglars, muggers, and rapists, and even more so for policemen, bureaucrats, and politicians." -- Alexander Hope

Yes, I know - this is a true hot-button issue for most. Very few people are neutral on gun ownership. On one extreme are the flag-waving nutcases who insist on their God-given right to arm themselves to the teeth and are ready to fire a few rounds at anyone straying past the verge of their front lawn. Firmly entrenched on the other side are those who are repulsed by all the violence pervading today's society and equally disgusted at the attitude displayed by many of the rabid advocates for gun rights.

As with so many things in life, the solution is very often counter-intuitive to the knee-jerk reaction. And the first reaction has usually been to blame the means rather than the instigator of the violence. For example, all of the highly-publicized school shootings in the recent past occurred in places where guns were off-limits. Rather than inhibit the madmen, the known lack of resistance hugely facilitated their evil acts, just as in the Norway massacre where the shooter was unimpeded on his killing spree. Running counter to simple logic is the fact that States with the strictest gun laws are also the highest in violent crime, while the State of Vermont for example, which has no restrictions on gun ownership is one of the safest in the nation. Criminals don't respect gun laws - only law-abiding citizens do!

But there is a more sinister reason to be wary of claims about the need to disarm in order to protect. And if the above quotes are not chilling enough, the historical records confirm that most of the worst genocides in our recorded history were preceded by confiscation of weapons from the people. In each case they were assured that this was necessary in order for the government to properly protect them. And in each instance the quite predictable outcome was genocide as the people were left defenseless!

The Only Gun Control That Can Save Liberty!

For many years, the state has been attempting to disarm the citizenry. While not understood by the mainstream, the success of these efforts has far exceeded the imagination of most. Those who own guns, and live in remote areas, don’t fully grasp the problem, as they are somewhat insulted from the norm. But many, especially those who live in the cities and more populated areas, know that they are heavily restricted, and for the most part accept this condition of helplessness voluntarily.
Places like Washington D.C. and New York City, where gun control is not only evident, but all encompassing, are now places filled with defenseless citizens. Many of these higher population centers are hotbeds of police abuse; abuse including no-knock raids, warrantless searches, protest restrictions, beatings, high incarceration for victimless crimes, and even murder of citizens. This situation is not improving, it is actually getting much worse, and now is spreading to other areas of the country that are not necessarily high population areas.
With the accelerated growth of the Department of Homeland Security, a most loathsome and dangerous government agency, the militarization and arming of the domestic police forces continues in earnest. All the government agents of force, including local, county, state, and federal, are combining strengths, and consolidating into a single unit. This is an ominous display of fusion by almost every department of force in America, and it is a picture of an out of control nation state living in fear of what it surely knows is coming.
My belief is that what is coming is an economic collapse; a collapse that will bring bank closures and bankruptcies, bank holidays, suspension of "entitlement" payments, global market selloffs, and general chaos. Should any of these things happen, the almost immediate result would be civil unrest, not just a few protesters chanting in the street, but large numbers of American citizens consumed with panic and rage.
Any situation of this magnitude would surely bring out the "State" police forces. Panic and chaos in the streets, regardless of where it occurred in the country, would bring forth police and military armed to the teeth, sporting combat gear, wearing Kevlar helmets and tactical vests, carrying automatic weapons, and possibly arriving in trucks with rotating gun turrets. Some areas could even be invaded by the use of tanks and drones! Local cops are now militarized, and since the 9/11 attacks, many police departments now look like battlefield ready forces.
Just in the past ten years, there has been over $34 billion dollars of federal grants sent to local police departments for the purchase of military weaponry. This spending is slated to dramatically increase over the next few years. This is always done in the name of protecting us from terrorism, but the only way we can be protected from terrorism is to disarm the agents of force of this government, even the local police.
There can be only one reason for this audacious display of power by police and other so-called enforcement agencies, and that is as preparation for domestic war due to civil unrest and active dissent. That would mean a police state environment with probable Martial Law. This is an untenable situation, and it is spiraling out of control right before our eyes.
The new mission for police nationwide is not to protect citizens, but to control them by any means necessary. Given that police these days get nearly full immunity from their aggressive and in some cases, murderous activities, and that they are now being armed with military weaponry, the risk to us citizens is gargantuan. It is a risk that can only have horrible consequences, and one that can only end in terror. Not terror from so-called enemies from afar, but homegrown terror from those state thugs supported by DHS and the rest of this government!
What can be done to stop this assault by the heavily armed state? Gun control is the answer to this question. The tables should immediately be reversed, and a full out gun control policy should be implemented against all government and government sponsored entities. No government employee, no government official, no politician, no police, local, state or federal, and no military personnel should be allowed to own a weapon. This is the only gun control that can save liberty!
If in fact there were an actual attack on our mainland by another country’s military force, then all citizens could bear arms to stop any real invasion, but only for the period of time needed to repel that particular enemy.
If indeed this type of gun control were implemented, the only people that would have guns would be the citizens. It would be in every citizen’s best interest to not only own a weapon, but to also know how to use it. This would be even a better system than that of Switzerland, because no state force whatsoever could be used against the people. The people would become self-reliant and self-responsible, and the state’s power would then be lost. An impotent "State" is a free state, and an impotent government would fear the people, instead of ruling over them. This is as it should be!
The current trend is to disarm the citizenry, and that trend should be reversed. The citizenry should fully disarm the government and all its agents of force. If real freedom is the desired end, then gun control of the entire government is the obvious answer.
"Have we the means of resisting disciplined armies, when our only defense, the militia is put in the hands of Congress?"
~ Patrick Henry
December 26, 2011


  1. The "Hitler quote" you start your post with is a known fake. That speech never took place, and no new gun laws were made in Germany before 1938, when the Hitler government relaxed the earlier democratic laws from 1928. From 1938 and onwards, every german citizen over 18 could buy a rifle or shotgun without the need of a licence or registration. Handguns still required a licence, but it had to be renewed every three years instead of every year as it was before.

    It's ironic that it was the United States with Allies that disarmed the german people and prohibited all private ownership of firearms in Germany in 1919, after WWI. Then again in 1945 the Allies disarmed the germans and prohibited all private ownership of firearms again. It wasn't until 1956 that germans could buy and own firearms again, under strict control.

    1. Your comment is appreciated and I have since been able to verify that your claims are correct. Though the Hitler gun-control quote is quite prevalent on the web, reliable sources confirm that the speech & quote are both fabricated. Shows you can never be too careful in checking and rechecking your sources.
      Seems we like to pile on and make one individual a scapegoat for every ill under the sun, even when the facts aren't there.
      Thanks again for setting the record straight.

    2. That's very true. I'm in Sweden and remember the 1990's debate about if Sweden should join the European Union. The worst arguments from both sides included "Hitler". Hitler wanted a united Europe, so EU is bad. Not joining EU is nationalism like Hitler's... He has become a mythical figure that people of today use instead of the bad ol' Devil. ;-)