January 05, 2012

Ron Paul: Politics Of Futility

"It's not the vote that counts. It's who counts the votes." -- Josef Stalin

Not being one who puts any faith in politics, what with the false left-right paradigm that only serves to distract the attention of the masses away from real solutions which are found on neither side, I am still amazed at the lengths to which the establishment will go to secure its hold on power at any cost. When the party you have served for decades has strayed so far from its moorings that they seemingly prefer their arch-enemy to retain the coveted prize of the White House rather than risk that powerful interests may lose control of the gravy train, it further reinforces how dire the situation has become. The sad reality, though, is that things are now so very far advanced that even a Ron Paul presidency will come at least a decade too late to avert the disastrous train wreck now unfolding in slow-motion.

Truth is that the extremists who now control both these sorry excuses which continue to vie for the title of greatest destroyer of a soon-to-be-failed-State are equally scared stiff by a man of integrity - one who refuses to be bought off or controlled by the power-brokers, last of an all but extinct species. Indeed, such is the depth of their fear that should he by some miracle manage to beat the odds and end up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he would almost certainly share the fate of JFK before too long.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 3:58

by Zen Gardner
Not to say American politics hasn't been a dead, buried and a rotten corpse for decades, but this flimflam Iowa sham is pathetic. I barely even follow politics as I have no hope whatsoever for freedom of choice in America and its corporate and banking elite owned fascist regulatory stranglehold on the souls of men.
But Santorum shows up a close second outta the blue to just conveniently push Ron Paul into media oblivion once again? C'mon.

Romney edges Santorum by 8 votes in tight contest in Iowa

DES MOINES—Mitt Romney edged Rick Santorum by an eight-vote margin in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday, spotlighting a sharply divided Republican Party headed for an increasingly tough primary battle.
Romney received 30,015 votes to Santorum's 30,007 votes, according to the Iowa Republican Party—and six votes less than he received in 2008, when he finished second in the state to Mike Huckabee. Romney also won 25 percent of the vote in 2008.
The virtual tie elevates Santorum into serious contention as the latest, conservative alternative to Romney, capping a surprise, last-minute push in the Iowa caucus he had pinned the entirety of his campaign on. He said it was now "game on."  Source
Naturally Paul's 25% isn't even mentioned until the end of the 7th paragraph where he's an afterthought of Romney's.
Typical media mash-up.
I only hope those political starry eyed folks who think the American system has an ounce of integrity will finally get the point. Changing this inside-controlled system is futile. They need to see the real culprits and quit complying by playing their pointless games. It's useless to try to change this imagine-nation of theirs.


First You Have to See It for What It Is

This is the hardest step, because it will take your breath away at first, and seem to be the most depressing conclusion you could possibly draw. Which, again, is how they hide in plain site. It's unfathomable.  As long as sheeple are dumb enough to believe the current "farmers" have any other reason to lead and keep them than to be sheered and slaughtered for their own good, they're doomed.
This is why the truth about 9/11 is often referred to as the litmus test for waking up. If you're not hungry enough for unconditional truth you won't allow yourself to even consider such horrors as false flag events like 9/11, where governments intentionally sacrifice multitudes in order to get the rest to endorse the plan they've already formulated. That such events have been documented for decades doesn't even make them flinch.
It would blow their little rosy colored world lens to smithereens.
But what a liberation when it happens! The white light of truth comes pouring in so hard and fast you realize virtually everything you've been taught is in some way, shape or form a nasty, manipulated lie. You soon realize that history has been guided by predatory powers while good people have been either intimidated and blackmailed to co-conspire, or they've been systematically marginalized or eliminated altogether.

Reality check...but who's looking?

Ron Paul and Pointless Politics

I keep a safe distance from anyone in politics, it's a cesspool of futile iniquity. You have to compromise just to get started in it and the further you go the more you have to comply or die, as in the case of the summarily assassinated John Kennedy who decided not to "follow the program."
Ron Paul is admirably consistent in his idealism and valiant in his fight. I of course like what he says but unfortunately it just reinforces a corrupt system that needs to be dissolved in its entirety. It's all pointless until you really know what you're fighting for.
I know Paul must have his place in the scheme of things, if just a poultice to draw out the perfidy of the US system for all to see. The lesson will also serve to hopefully precipitate a further wake up of the idealists who think there's any hope for real change in such a corrupt system. I guess we'll see. But seeing so many get caught up in this smoke and mirrors of phony, staged and fully controlled politics is a bit disconcerting.
"It's not the vote that counts. It's who counts the votes." - Josef Stalin

The Main Point Is to Fully Wake Up First

As Einstein famously said,
"You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it."
Until people grasp 9/11 truth and the reality that our government is deliberately dismantling the country to prepare it for a world fascist government, there is no hope for them. Until people realize we are being deliberately poisoned and dumbed down in order to accept their extreme anti-human conditions of complete mental, economic and spiritual servitude there will be no change.
That's where change happens, one heart at a time. Once that takes place and conscious awareness is conceived, the whole dynamic changes.
But some will never hear it. Don't waste your time on those who refuse to listen. Look for the hungry who haven't quite connected the dots. And if they need to run the Ron Paul political gamut for one final wake up, so be it.
But be there for them when they crash land in reality.
Love, Zen

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