January 01, 2012

What We Know For Sure That Just Ain't So

America: From the Road of Freedom to the Streets of Fascism

"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so" - counseled Mark Twain a long time ago. As we kick off another new year, we would do well to keep Twain's wise admonition uppermost in mind. We are often our own worst enemies - going along with mainstream assumptions that fail to stand up to proper scrutiny. Bearing that in mind, this video and articles challenge the conventional wisdom - this can create major trouble for all who may be misled.


America the “Bad Guy,” a Lesson in Historical Hypocrisy

Time for Americans to Grow Up

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

America has 28 million veterans, I am one of them, a combat Marine from Vietnam. 
Some very unwholesome things were done by Americans in Vietnam, not on the scale of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but the “draftee” military was made up of soldiers who believed nothing they were told and left the military the first day possible, if not before. 
Were there to be justice in the world, I probably would have done 5 years in prison just for being involved in the war at all though I think I behaved in a civilized manner toward the Vietnamese I didn’t kill.
Why would I say such a thing?  For those unaware, most of the German army that surrendered at the end of World War 2 was systematically starved to death in concentration camps under the orders of General Eisenhower of worked to death by the Russians.  75% of the healthy POWs, the highest number of any World War II participant, held by the allies died in captivity.

Far as the eye can see
Considering those kept in the US, Canada and Britain were treated well, that the majority of those who were in Europe died of exposure, starvation, thirst and disease at the hands of the allies, makes America much worse than even Japan.
A higher percentage of Germans died under American supervision than Americans who died on the Bataan Death March.

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