February 15, 2012

Freedom Drowning in a Stormy Sea of Lies

Judge Napolitano: Final Words on 'Freedom Watch'

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” 
Ron Paul

"O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason…."
― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

As the feature article reminds us all, every passing week seems to be another bad week for freedom! Events continue their death spiral toward economic disaster, stifling government intrusion into every minute detail of our daily lives - with increasing levels of State brutality and airport screening abuses. The culture has now become a cannibalistic one and degenerates operate at the helm (until exposed). Laws continue to be passed benefiting the few as each day brings us closer to one-world government! There is a prevailing sense that we are now at the point where a careless misstep will ignite the fuse leading to WWIII, which may well result in nuclear Armageddon. In the 'land of the free', freedom of speech is no more - and the 'wrong' views could soon land you an indefinite stint in a detention camp!

Yet with many of these threats becoming ever more apparent, the masses appear to be drifting along in a daze, blissfully oblivious to what may be in store for them just around the next bend in the road. Millions are now a natural disaster or a single false-flag event away from experiencing Martial Law. What, then, can we do - you ask? Well, after getting past our frustration at the general lethargy - we must continue to sound the alarm bells and hope that at least some will be raised from their slumber!

2012 will be a year of two halves - the first will see stock markets making their final rally-back run to create false hope for the recovery mirage, while the second half will see the start of a mega sell-off! The steepest part of the decline may come later on - which would see the incumbent retaining office. Real tyranny will arrive in the 'lame-duck' term - after the citizenry becomes disarmed (already being touted in private). 2013 will be a year unlike any in the history of the republic as liberty goes extinct!

There is only one antidote which provides protection from an avalanche of poisonous lies - the truth! But this will be an even scarcer commodity in 2013 than today as truthtellers like Andrew Napolitano are removed and others detained. But you can still stock up today with articles and videos like these!

Understanding Liberty


“We have two American flags always: one for the rich and one for the poor. When the rich fly it means that things are under control; when the poor fly it means danger, revolution, anarchy.”- Henry Miller
occupy wall street rich homes.gi.top BAD WEEK FOR FREEDOM 4 19 1775 Lexington BAD WEEK FOR FREEDOM
With each passing week it seems this country spirals further into the depths of a frightening dystopian fantasy reminiscent of Huxley and Orwell’s dark world of isolation, fear and government brutality portrayed in their masterpieces Brave New World and 1984. I keep speculating whether it’s me that’s crazy and not the things I’m witnessing on a daily basis. The President signs the National Defense Authorization Act, passed by an overwhelming majority of Congress, which allows the government to imprison American citizens indefinitely without charge. And there is barely a squeak from the docile masses as they are soothed by Obama promising to never use that part of the law. I bet you $10,000 a President will invoke that portion of the NDAA in the very near future.
Jon Corzine, a card carrying member of the ruling elite .01%, remains free to roam one of his five palatial estates after stealing $1.6 billion from the accounts of farmers, widows, and thousands of other “clients” of MF Global. In his spare time he raises money for Obama’s re-election campaign. The Federal government, Federal courts and Wall Street banking cabal have circled the wagons and declared the money just vaporized, even though it sits in Jamie Dimon’s vaults at J.P. Morgan. No one is being prosecuted for this deliberate thievery. The psychopathic Wall Street criminals have been getting away with murder for so long they act invulnerable to societal mores and scoff at our laws, rules and regulations. Those are for the 99%. When you control the politicians, regulators, courts, and mainstream media, it’s easy to get away with murder. The jackals and hyenas are laughing in their NYC penthouse suites as they continue to collect $20 million bonuses for a job well done.
After this past week I’m apoplectic with rage and fury as the rule of law has been discarded and the Constitution trampled upon by a wealthy connected oligarchy bent upon using their absolute power to further enrich themselves. The Wall Street banks that committed the largest financial crime in history, including: fraud in the inducement, forgery, fabricating documents, bribing rating agencies to rate toxic mortgages as AAA, selling fraudulent derivatives to customers, shorting the derivatives they sold to their customers, throwing millions of Americans out of their homes, charging inflated and bogus fees during the foreclosure process, and conducting a colossal cover-up, were slapped on the wrist and made to pay a miniscule $5 billion to the millions of victims of their crimes. Not one banker has been prosecuted. Not one person has gone to jail. Justice in this country is a putrid joke. There has been no outrage from the general public. The propaganda spewed by the corporate media instructs the masses to rejoice at this fair and just verdict. The truth is that 95% of the population didn’t know or didn’t care about the 50 state foreclosure-gate settlement. They were engrossed by the huge controversy over M.I.A. flipping the bird during the Super Bowl halftime show and whether Madonna was upset about the incident.

“Free” Healthcare

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