March 21, 2012

9/11: Millions Remain Under Magic Spell

9/11 Whodunnitt? You Decide

Frantz Fanon “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are
presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is
extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it
is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,
ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.”
― Frantz Fanon

Inability to come to grips with such a horrendous act by the State against thousands of its own people has led most to cling to any rationale - no matter how ridiculous, in order to explain away the attacks! Governments have long relied on this psychological weakness to cover their tracks by creating false narratives for the gullible masses to buy into - that is, the 'Big Lie' used so effectively by Adolf Hitler. Refusing to contemplate even the remotest possibility that those entrusted to hold the reins of power would plan anything so devious and deadly, they prefer to buy into the claim that people from another culture who are envious of freedom are responsible, even when shown clear evidence to the contrary! Fearful of being branded unpatriotic and losing viewers, the media have gone along with the charade!

Even as evidence continues to mount daily of the impossibility of the official story, the fearful public digs a deeper 'ostrich' hole in which to hide its head under the sand and avoid having to face reality! Evidence like the fact that:
  • Seven or more hijackers have been found alive and well long after the fateful day - some fearful for their lives from an out-of-control State that seeks to perpetuate the coverup
  • Or that not one of the names identified as belonging to the supposed hijackers appears on any of the flight manifests
  • Or that the accused ringleader Bin Laden denied soon afterward being in any way involved - insisting that the attacks went against the tenets of his faith, and is believed by most people in the know to have died of kidney disease before the end of that same year
  • Or that every single video and audio tape (after 2001, the year he is thought to have died) has now been proved to be a forgery (some used to gain political mileage at crucial times)
  • Or that he was treated in American military hospitals prior to his demise - having been a CIA operative under the pseudonym Tim Osman
  • Or that at least two of the planes claimed to be destroyed in the hijackings that day were still flying over US skies four to five years later as proven conclusively by flight records
  • Or that no Arab DNA was ever found at either the Pentagon or Pennsylvania crash sites
  • Or that cell phone calls are now proven to have been impossible from the air back in 2001 (since admitted by the FBI which then changed its story to air-phones) and that no such air-phones were even installed on at least two of those ill-fated flights from which calls were somehow magically made
  • Or that seasoned pilots have never been able to replicate the maneuvers claimed to have been made by a novice pilot on the Pentagon (each time the plane crashes on simulation), while witnesses who attempt to verify that the plane overflew the structure are ignored
  • Or that internal explosions at the Pentagon preceded by 2 to 3 minutes the impact, which is now believed to have come from a guided missile (Tomahawk) due to the small impact hole and typical maneuvers as well as the almost total absence of plane or fuselage debris
  • Or that a battery of engineers and demolition experts now agree that jet fuel cannot burn anywhere close to hot enough to bring down office buildings, that fire has never brought down any steel-framed building anywhere on the planet before or since that magical day, and that the free-fall collapse of each of the three WTC structures bears all the hallmarks of controlled demolition
  • Or that an unusual spike in put options for two of the airlines involved in the hijackings was seen in the week before the event leading to millions in profits, the buildings were leased less than six months earlier by a new owner who insured them for double what they were believed to be worth, and that several people were warned not to turn up for work at the WTC or to fly into New York that day
  • Or that the only Middle-Easterners to be arrested that day after caught filming the event (having set up their equipment well beforehand indicating foreknowledge), all worked for a known spy front operation Urban Moving Systems, having been caught with a van-load of explosives with a mural on its side of a plane diving into two skyscrapers - with billowing smoke rising from them (on the very day of the attacks), and these along with scores of their countrymen (none of whom had Arab names or were adherents to the Muslim faith) were all released within 90 days and sent back to their home country!
So, how would an honest government (an oxymoron if ever there was one) respond to all these facts? Well, they might acknowledge that the official commission was set up to fail in establishing the truth about what occurred that day, a fact since admitted by its chairman, vice-chairman and legal counsel, and set about to remedy that situation and get to the truth, moreso when the other party is in power! But when the reaction is one of 'shooting' the messenger (either literally - with several suspicious and unexplained deaths of key eyewitnesses or through sidelining them using legal means as with certain whistleblowers who previously worked for the CIA or the FBI) then rational people must be prepared to exercise their individual judgment in seeking independent answers about this continuing coverup!

As unpleasant and distasteful as the truth may be, it remains the only hope to break the magic spell! The world became a frightening place after 9/11. Millions have bought in to the paranoid 'feary' tale, succumbing to the widespread, mind-numbing fear of radical Islamic terror, and now turn a blind eye to atrocities committed against innocent civilians in faraway (for the time) places. At the same time they continue to submit to the ongoing erosion of human rights and dignity at home to be kept 'safe'!

But despite the best efforts of those whose true motives remain hidden, the truth will still come out! By then however, it may be too late for the mass of humanity to escape the consequences of looking on in placid ignorance while their basic human rights vanish, one by one. Break the spell - Wake up!

David Ray Griffin on the 9/11 Cell Phone Calls: Exclusive CBC Interview

Global Research, March 18, 2012

With few exceptions the news that will shape public discourse is subject to a de facto censorial process of powerful government and corporate elites beyond accountability to the public. It is here that Sigmund Freud’s notion of repression is especially helpful for assessing the decrepit state of media and public discourse in the United States. In Freud’s view, one’s collective life experiences are registered in the subconscious, with those particularly disturbing or socially impermissible experiences being involuntarily suppressed, only later to emerge as neuroses. Whereas suppression is conscious and voluntary, repression takes place apart from individual volition.
With opinion polls indicating at least half of the public distrusting the official account of September 11th, the foremost basis for the “war on terror”, no public event has been more repressed in public consciousness via the mass media than 9/11. The enduring usefulness of Freud’s theory is suggested in repeated manifestations of the repressed episode to haunt the public mind for which a surrogate reality has been crafted.
Peter Dale Scott describes occasions such as the assassination of President John Kennedy and September 11th as “deep events” because of their historical complexity and linkages with the many facets of “deep government”—the country’s military and intelligence communities and their undertakings. The failure to adequately explain and acknowledge deep events and pursue their appropriate preventative remedies leads to continued deceptions where unpleasant experiences are contained and a new “reality” is imposed on the public mind.  Together with the notion of repression, the term is also applicable for considering how instances of such historical import are dealt with in mass psychological terms, or, more specifically, by ostensibly independent alternative news media capable of recollecting the real.
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