March 01, 2012

Despotism Rules: Everything Is Illegal

John Stossel's Illegal Everything
"What ever crushes individuality is despotism, no matter what name it is called."
-- John Stuart Mill

"If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual." -- Frank Herbert

As the timid among men grow in numbers they accumulate more power under a democratic system. Seeking to control their reality and be kept safe from every misfortune, they introduce new laws that attempt to regulate every minute aspect which may possibly result in hazard to themselves or others. Their drive to achieve a utopian society with all guaranteed healthcare or welfare (by the liberal left) or where all are delivered from the degradation of the numerous 'vices' (by the moral busybody right), results predictably in a society that becomes over time weak, helpless and beholden to an ever more tyrannical State. The unwitting effect of these wrongheaded efforts to create a utopia where nobody ever is needy and none are allowed to fall into 'sin', is to create a nation of weak and helpless people!

The fallacy of a collective or common good as determined by some central authority has led to some of the most egregious abuses ever inflicted on humans - no group of people (however well-meaning) can ever substitute for the effectiveness of the free market for individual choice and responsibility. Failure to accommodate individual choice ends up in a society where each becomes enslaved to the whims of whichever group happens to be in control at the time - such a society perishes in the end!

The signs of individual responsibility being supplanted by an out-of-control State are clear wherever you look. It is estimated that the average person commits three felonies per day without realizing it. Selectively enforcing these laws means the State can go after anyone dissenting against its policies!

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19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal

Do you think that you are free?  Most Americans would still probably answer "yes" to that question, but is that really the case?  In the film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stated that "everything is illegal in Massachusetts".  Well, the same could pretty much be said for the United States as a whole.  Our lives are governed by millions of laws, rules and regulations and more are being piled on all the time.  In fact, 40,000 new laws just went into effect in January.  Every single new law restricts your freedom just a little bit more.  The truth is that America has become a crazy control freak nation where virtually everything that we do is highly regulated.  You have probably broken multiple laws today that you don't even know exist.  We have all become criminals and lawbreakers because almost everything is illegal at this point.  Our politicians are convinced that they are "making life better" by piling gigantic mountains of laws on to our backs, and law enforcement authorities are convinced that they are helping society by "cracking down on crime", but the reality is that our liberties and our freedoms are being strangled by all of this government oppression.  This is not the way that America is supposed to work.
Yes, every society needs laws.  But the laws should be short enough and simple enough that everybody can read them and understand them.
In America today, there is no possible way that any of us could ever read all of the laws that apply to us.  Most of us just live our daily lives and try to do the "right" thing.  But there is no guarantee that men with guns will not show up at your door one evening because of some obscure regulation that you have broken.

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