March 12, 2012

Growing Younger, Healthier, & More Energetic

A centenarian who seems fitter than many 50-year-olds and a 70-year-old who looks but half her age! Are these flukes of nature blessed with superior genes, or is there something more to their longevity? While the medical advances of the last 100+ years or so have led to increases in our average lifespan, what has been missing for the most part are improvements in health & fitness levels for the elderly. Most people of advanced age are afflicted with a variety of health issues and do not enjoy full vitality in their golden years. But as the two examples here demonstrate for all to see, it is possible to retain the full vigor of your youthful age as the years roll by, growing younger, healthier, & more energetic! So, what are they doing different from the rest of us and, can we all dip into their 'fountain of youth'?

Well, it turns out that there are quite a few lifestyle choices we can adopt in order to grow younger! But they all require that we move past the flawed modern paradigm of processed foods, excess sugar consumption and a culture that relies on pill-popping to cover each of our ailments, real or imagined! Turns out that they're still working on the magic pill for eternal youth - don't hold your breath though. Beyond the things to be avoided, most of your diet should be live foods - unprocessed and uncooked!

Recent research reveals that exercise and periodic fasting play major roles in a healthier, longer life! Aborigines in the Australian Outback regularly make it into their '80s and '90s free from arthritis due to being active and a diet of fruits, nuts and seeds - until switching to the Western diet - so can you!


Targeted nutrients naturally extend telomere length and provide anti-aging effect

Thursday, December 29, 2011 by: John Phillip
(NaturalNews) Many factors are known to contribute to human lifespan. Many natural health followers carefully control their diet to include organic choices of fruits and vegetables in their natural, uncooked state, while remaining physically active and maintaining body weight within a healthy range.

The science of how lifestyle habits and nutrition promote health and longevity, known as Epigenetics, has dramatically advanced our knowledge base by providing a solid understanding of telomeres: telomeres are the tiny strands of DNA akin to a zipper that shorten with poor dietary choices, inflammation and everyday stress. Researchers reporting in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry show that reducing oxidative stress, cellular inflammation and improving DNA methylation pathways can extend telomere length and slow the biologic aging clock. Specific nutrients provide the necessary building blocks to support DNA health and extend your natural lifespan.

Genetic expression is not set in stone, and our genes are continually under the influence of our environment, lifestyle and dietary choices. Gene settings are made initially from our time in the womb, based largely on the nutritional status and lifestyle of the mother. As we age, our genes instantly read micronutrient and environmental cues in an effort to ensure short term survival. Every morsel of food energy we consume results in an alteration in gene expression, either promoting optimal health or eventual illness.

Targeted Nutrients and Foods Increase DNA Methylation to Maintain Telomere Length

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