March 10, 2012

Indiscriminate Covert Killings - The West's Dirty Little Secret

CIA & Mossad Death Squads Exposed In Syria

Targeted assassinations by the CIA and other covert agencies have become well-known to everyone. Claimed to be necessary by the perpetrators, these extra-judicial killings nevertheless target a few high-profile individuals in far-off lands, leaving the average Joe unaffected personally by and large. Less well known is the new trend toward killing ordinary civilians going about their normal business. This tactic of raining down terror on anyone who happens to be 'in the wrong place' has become the 'weapon' of choice for those who are bent on fomenting instability in order to bring down a regime! First brought to light through deadly drone attacks - killing scores of civilians - in countries with no hot war taking place, they came into their own during the recent regime change operation in Libya!

The formula is already somewhat familiar - first, contract mercenaries willing to do your 'dirty work', including even those who belong to known terrorist organizations such as the CIA-created Al Qaeda. Next, provide them with arms and logistical support to create confusion through widespread killings to be blamed on the despotic regime - totally reinforced by complicit and one-sided media reporting. Air strikes called in supposedly in support of the 'brave' rebels - mercenaries for the most part - are callously directed against cities or regions that refuse to go along with the proposed regime change. And as we saw in Libya, journalists who dare to report the actual truth (over fabricated propaganda) become targets for the very sniper bullets directed against those going about their normal business!

Why change a working formula - so long as the truth continues to be hidden away from public view? While it appears likely that Iran will not face full-scale war in 2012, this is not so for Syria - the last domino to fall before the major Iranian prize will be ready for plucking. For now the toppling of such 'evil' regimes in far-away lands seems like a reality show viewed in the comfort of their living rooms. But the other half of the boomerang's arc is yet to come as Westerners now glimpse their own future!

'What goes around, comes around' is a wise old adage that is especially relevant to our current time. The bloodthirsty megalomaniacs have embarked on a campaign of terror in order to cow the masses into submission and realize their goal of world domination. Educate yourself while there is still time!


The Bloody Road to Damascus: The Triple Alliance’s War on a Sovereign State

by James Petras

There is clear and overwhelming evidence that the uprising to overthrow President Assad of Syria is a violent, power grab led by foreign-supported fighters who have killed and wounded thousands of Syrian soldiers, police and civilians, partisans of the  government and its peaceful opposition.
The outrage expressed by politicians in the West and Gulf State and in the mass media, about the ‘killing of peaceful Syrian citizens protesting injustice’ is cynically designed to cover up the documented reports of violent seizure of neighborhoods, villages and towns by armed bands, brandishing machine guns and planting road-side bombs.
The assault on Syria is backed by foreign funds, arms and training.Due to a lack of domestic support ,however, to be successful, direct foreign military intervention will be necessary.  For this reason a huge propaganda and diplomatic campaign has been mounted to demonize the legitimate Syrian government.  The goal is to impose a puppet regime and strengthen Western imperial control in the Middle East.  In the short run, this will further isolate Iran in preparation for a military attack by Israel and the US and, in the long run, it eliminates another independent secular regime friendly to China and Russia.
In order to mobilize world support behind this Western, Israeli and Gulf State-funded power grab, several propaganda ploys have been used to justify another blatant violation of a country’s sovereignty after their successful destruction of the secular governments of Iraq and Libya.
The Larger Context:  Serial Aggression

The bloody road to Iran
The current Western campaign against the independent Assad regime in Syria is part of a series of attacks against pro-democracy movements and independent regimes from North Africa to the Persian Gulf.  The imperial-militarist response to the Egyptian democracy movement that overthrew the Mubarak dictatorship was to back the military junta’s seizure of power and murderous campaign to jail, torture and assassinate over 10,000 pro-democracy protestors.
Faced with similar mass democratic movements in the Arab world, the Western-backed Gulf autocratic dictators crushed their respective uprisings in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.  The assaults extended to the secular government in Libya where NATO powers launched a massive air and sea bombardment in support of armed bands of mercenaries thereby destroying Libya’s economy and civil society.  The unleashing of armed gangster-mercenaries led to the savaging of urban life in Libya and  devastation in the countryside.  The NATO powers eliminated  the secular regime of Colonel Gadhafi and along with having him murdered and mutilated by its mercenaries.Nato oversaw the wounding, imprisonment, torture and elimination of tens of thousands of civilian Gadhafi supporters and government workers.NATO backed the puppet regime as it  embarked on a bloody pogrom against Libyan citizens of sub-Saharan African ancestry as well a sub-Sahara African immigrant workers – groups who had benefited from Gadhafi’s generous social programs.  The imperial policy of ruin and rule in Libya serves as “the model” for Syria: Creating the conditions for a mass uprising led by Muslim fundamentalists, funded and trained by Western and Gulf State mercenaries.
The Bloody Road From Damascus  to Teheran:

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