March 16, 2012

One World Government - Modern Day Tower Of Babel

One World Government & Collectivism

G. Edward Griffin“Collectivism and freedom are mortal enemies. Only one will survive”
― G. Edward Griffin

Collectivism - the misguided notion that any group of people can come together to decide on what is best for the good of the whole keeps on being reincarnated in different forms every few generations. During the last century we witnessed a reemergence of brutal dictators, such as Stalin, Hitler & Mao. While each brought their unique style of either communism or fascism, the underlying problem stems from the well-intended though completely false belief that any group of people is able to decide what is best for the masses - so that the totalitarian State would then somehow solve everyone's problems. Despite the abject failure of central planning in all of its forms collectivism continues its zombie-like existence in our time through corporatism - an unholy alliance between government and big business!

Unfazed by the unmitigated disaster of all central planning and absolute power in the hands of a few, the elites have opted to 'go for broke' in advancing their plans for the ultimate power trip, ominously referred to as a New World Order! But as the quote asserts, freedom and collectivism cannot coexist - one must perish! In the short term freedom will disappear, while the proponents of this modern-day Tower of Babel get their final opportunity to demonstrate the total failure of collectivist approaches!

Those who falsely hope that this Frankenstein can be stopped will try in vain to prevent the mistake! In fact, it must happen to prove once and for all that freedom represents our last and only real hope. Many will cling to this false paradigm to the very end - a few will emerge from the ashes to carry on!

New World Order - Blueprint of Madmen


March 15, 2012

Under The Shadow of Freemasonry and The Great Satan: The Organized Destruction of The Masses And of Nations

The biggest crisis of our time is public ignorance about the origins of the current state of world affairs, and the price is death. We live in an age of totalitarian myth and state propaganda, so public ignorance can be forgiven.

But those of us who are awake to the government onslaught against the global collective mind have a moral and spiritual duty to educate our fellow citizens. We must also encourage them to not be afraid to think about mankind's history, especially the history of the 20th century, in a totally new way, in accordance with facts and evidence, not myths and lies.

We will have a better chance of saving freedom in the West by not allowing history to be molded and manipulated by the Promethean forces at work in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. The most sensitive kind of history, the kind that can be easily manipulated for the benefit of a few, is the history of conflicts between nations.

When we hear in the news that the American government and Israeli government are threatening the Mullahs in Iran with a sustained military attack, we must not lose sight of the fact that both of these governments have supported the forces of radical Islam in the Middle East for more than a generation. Indeed, the savage Mullahs were put on an ancient throne by well-organized evil manipulators in the CIA and the MI6. So we must ask the obvious question: Why?

Why did the American and British governments put radical Islamic extremists in power in Iran in one generation and then go to war against them in another generation? The answer couldn't be more obvious: Because war is profitable, human life is cheap, and most governments are operated by criminal cliques who need a state of war and a state of constant tension with an external enemy to retain their total control over the citizenry. Aristotle said, "the tyrant is inclined constantly to foment wars in order to preserve his own monopoly of power."

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