May 10, 2012

CIA Sequels FBI - Foils Own Crotch Bomber Plot

James Madison“If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

H.L. Mencken“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”

Laugh or cry you gotta love the ongoing charade of foiled terror plots played out for a gullible public! As children, many of us can remember being warned about the bogeyman - a mythical character often trotted out by adults, whenever they sought to frighten youngsters into doing something they wanted. While the success of this ploy is understandable with young, impressionable minds, it is still amusing to discover that such naïveté is fairly common among grown adults, in matters that involve the State. Even otherwise level-headed adults can be very easily manipulated by a ruling elite which tightens its grip on power by fabricating plots which keep their infantile citizenry "clamorous to be led to safety". Kept in a perpetual state of fear, they are easily controlled - nice job if you can get it - and some do!

So if you are the CIA - or the FBI and want to justify larger budgets, how do you go about doing that? Easy, you keep dreaming up new plots and recruiting informants (often using coercive means) to find an easily-swayed, generally low-intellect idiot to act out a role in a play financed and directed by you. Then you foil your own plot, claim credit for saving us yet again and presto - a grateful public cheers! Sometimes you are required to give the ploy a little nudge to make it happen, like say, having airport security escort a bogeyman whose name is on your no-fly list and who does not even have a passport around all checkpoints and safely onto the aircraft in order to complete his role (first crotch bomber). At other times you make your own agent carry the bomb (second crotch bomber) - whatever it takes!

What are the odds that shortly after Senator Rand Paul announced that he was introducing legislation to end the TSA, leaving security issues to be handled by individual States - crotch bomber 2 surfaces? Then, right after the incident, DHS begins running advertisements for their X-ray scanners worldwide - the self-same scanners that were stored in warehouses gathering dust until crotch bomber 1 struck? Both these thwarted attacks bear an all-too-familiar signature of terror events fabricated since 9/11!

While the press was at first fed the story about an al Qaeda operative having been captured after the plot was foiled red-faced officials have now admitted - only after their cover was blown by somebody on the inside, that the bomber was in fact a CIA operative - they are going all out to expose the leak! Perhaps we should be grateful that, for the time being anyway only fake plots are being foiled - as the public wises up to the ploy, the advent of real 'events' to keep the fear factor alive draws ever nearer!

As people are daily stripped of more of their rights Madison's prescient quote comes fully to the fore! The 'foreign enemy' in this case is a shadowy organization, that has been carefully promoted to be the bogeyman we feared in our childhood, the war on a tactic is unwinnable to ensure permanent control!

Others have had rights stripped away using fear before - one Nazi survivor recalls: “It wasn’t one day that we woke up and all of our rights were taken away from us. They took them away from us slowly. And then one day you couldn’t speak out because if you spoke out you were dead”. Are we there yet?

End the Lie – Independent News

CIA thwarts own new underwear bomber plot, continues trend of manufactured terror

By Madison Ruppert
Editor of End the Lie
Another day, another blatant instance of manufactured terrorism courtesy of the U.S. government, in this case the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
I assume that my readers are already astute enough to see this case as nothing more than yet another attempt to justify the American police state, the expansive big brother policies and technology and the fraudulent war on terror while also pushing for nations around the world to pick up even more of the U.S.’s destructive policies.
Of course just earlier this month the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) foiled their fabricated plot as well. I went over this in the below ten minute video, along with the history of these types of operations:

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