May 18, 2012

Waking Up The Sheeple - Unplugging From The Matrix

History of Iran & USA in 10 min, Every American must watch this!!

“Is there any way to be sure that your whole life has not been a dream? I don't think that there is. Typically we call some experiences "dreams" and others "reality" by contrasting them. Experiences that we call "real" are consistent and predictable. For example, people don't just get up and fly away in "real life" while they sometimes do in dreams. And it is not unusual for the experiences we have in dreams to jump around from one time and place to another, while those events we call "real" do not. But if your whole life has been a dream, then there is nothing to contrast these experiences with. In this case, the "dreams" that you recall each night are just dreams within the dream. And that contrast still holds. Even if your whole life has been a dream you could distinguish your nightly dreams from your "waking experiences" much of the time. But how do you know that you are not in Neo's predicament- that even your waking experiences are simply more dreams- just more predictable ones? Morpheus's suggestion seems correct. If you have never awakened from the dream to see what "real life" is actually like, you would have absolutely no way to discern that you are dreaming.”
Matt Lawrence, Like a Splinter in Your Mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy

The popular sci-fi action film The Matrix depicts a future in which humans live in a simulated reality - part of a sophisticated computer program created to pacify and subdue all of us in a life-like dream! The lead character - Neo - is a computer programmer who links up with a savvy adviser - Morpheus - and together with other hackers they eventually find a way to hack the Matrix and, after battling its protectors, manage to unplug the rest of humanity and awaken them from a long-running nightmare. While The Matrix is perhaps best known for setting a new bar for fight-action special effects on the eve of Y2K (1999) influencing action movies right through to today, its impact stretches way beyond fancy visual effects to focusing on many deep philosophical underpinnings of our human experience!

There is little doubt that the world we knew changed radically after 9/11 - itself a reality simulation! Most people now live in a dreamlike state following that event - unwitting victims of mass psychosis engineered by those who have used widespread mind control to maximum effect for hidden motives. Establishment media continues to play a key role - carrying out the charade through false narratives, whilst disseminating official propaganda as unchallenged fact - and declining to raise real questions!

Meanwhile the alternative media has sought to play the role of Neo, hacking into our real-life Matrix! In the movies the good guys always win. Real-life however, does not always result in a happy ending. The battle is on to wake up the sheeple. Failure will mean the coming of the elites' New World Order!

Paul Craig Roberts

Institute for Political Economy

» Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

In response to the question in the title I can report that most of my readers are. Almost everyone got the point of the last column. They see the absurdity of the government’s claim that the identity of the tough, macho Navy Seals, who allegedly murdered Osama bin Laden, has to be kept secret in order to protect our fierce warriors from reprisals from Muslim terrorists, while those government officials responsible for the torture and deaths of large numbers of Muslims can walk around, identity known, unprotected and safe.

A few members of Congress are also awake, but not very many. Indeed, we are losing two of the most aware--Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. Kucinich was redistricted in order to get rid of his independent voice. He carried 75% of the votes from that part of his old district that was included in his new one, but the new voters lacked the intelligence to vote for him. Ron Paul, in our time of tribulation, tried for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform of saving the US Constitution, but those who voted in Republican primaries weren’t interested in saving the US Constitution.


  1. I'm in the process of making a site/blog that speaks to this very same issue. I'm interested in taking a more proactive approach. People can't continue to be conditioned like mindless sheep by the powers that be if we hope to sustain our planet. We're killing it with each second of inactivity. There is tremendous power in numbers, which is definitely something that could work in our - the unplugged - favor. We're all searching, unconsciously, for a solution. We all feel it. It's just a matter of organizing the unrest that's slowly - but surely - bubbling to the surface.

    1. Go for it! More that awaken, sooner the rebuilding after.

      Bear in mind, though, that most people prefer the comfort of their dream-state and refuse to admit they've been had. Challenge is in finding topics that interest them enough to turn off the distractions long enough to pay attention. Far easier to keep drinking the Kool-Aid and ignore your warnings as those of simply another conspiracy nutcase.

      So if you do take the plunge, view it as a labor of love! My own feeling is that the coming NWO is inevitable - this is the only way humanity learns - up close and personal. The awakening job is about preparing for what comes after!