June 12, 2012

Apocalypse Of Today - The Veil Is Being Lifted

Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

6 'You will hear of wars and reports about wars, but don't be frightened, since all of these things must happen… but the end is yet to come. 7 For, nations will rise against nations and kingdoms [will rise] against kingdoms… and there'll be famines and great shakings in many places. 8 But all these things are just the beginnings of the birth pains.'
-- Matthew, Chapter 24

17 'Thus, there's nothing that's hidden that will not be shown,
Or anything covered that will not be known,
And be brought out into the open.
-- Luke, Chapter 8

Apocalypse - derived from a Greek word meaning lifting of the veil or revelation - is a disclosure of something hidden from a majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception. Such periods of mass revelation are also called end-times - often being attended by great calamities! Both the Earth and its inhabitants experience great upheavals such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, widespread pestilences, wars and economic hardship - caused or made worse by our own ignorance. These times of great upheaval are part and parcel of the path leading to a new dispensation, as those who will be moving onward must first be awakened to all of the lies and deceptions of the old order. By the end of this mass awakening, everything now covered up will be brought fully into the open!

The unfolding apocalypse - like any earthquake or tsunami cannot be prevented - only prepared for! While many will be misled - continuing to repose their trust in an all-powerful State to deliver them from the perils and problems coming their way, the wise will heed the biblical advice of Psalm 146, which counsels: "Do not rely upon rulers… sons of men who have no salvation.". Much of what we today take for granted as part and parcel of everyday life will in the end be seen in a different light!

While the period of revelation will extend for many years, 2012/2013 will be a crucial game-changer! The truth has already started to emerge about vaccines, water fluoridation, and other health dangers! As economic conditions grow ever worse across the planet - governments will clamp down on dissent using harsher and more draconian measures, showing their true colors. At the same time, revelations concerning many past false flags will be exposed, leading to regrets and recriminations by the State!

The cleansing process has started - messy, but essential for mankind to move on to the next phase! Even as powerful interests take all steps to protect the status quo, truth about underlying corruption continues to bubble up to the surface - in the end the emperor's nakedness will be seen by everyone!

June-11-12 12:39

The prophesies are many, the prophets legend. Each Age of Man has presaged the events of the future that shall unfold. Mighty civilizations from the Sumerians to the Romans, and powerful seers from the Greek oracles to Nostradamus predicted the arrival of what's called the Apocalypse in the Bible's New Testament. What is an 'apocalypse?' It's not the end of the world. The Greek word means an unveilingof the Truth. The process of unveiling the Truth and the events fulfilling the prophesies are unstoppablethe events are occuring now.

Dawn of the Apocalypse
The unveiling of the Truth leading to the current Apocalyptic events had their origins in the last century.
Psychics predicted a New Age dawning in the early years of the 21st Century and a reawakening of Mankind. Humanity would begin to question the old institutions, the old ways, crippling social structures, and inhibiting lack of intellectual freedom.
Some envisioned the shackles of humanity would be brokenbut with the revelations would come economic hardship, political upheaval, and great distress.
The upheavals and uprisings would not be contained only to the human race, but ripple though the Cosmos affecting all of Creation.

Earth changes would be prevalent: mass destruction, geological catastrophes, and a newly violent sun.
But the major indicators of an Apocalypse leading to the dawning of a New Age of greater insight and spirituality, the prophesizers said, would be the unmistakable signs of global economic turmoil, political chaos, the exposure of great hidden evils, and the amazing transformation of science.

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