June 26, 2012

Turkish False Flag Used To Kick Off WWIII

Turkish Jet the new Lusitania?

Jon Stewart“Thomas Jefferson once said: 'Of course the people don't want war. But the people can be brought to the bidding of their leader. All you have to do is tell them they're being attacked and denounce the pacifists for somehow a lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.' I think that was Jefferson. Oh wait. That was Hermann Goering. Shoot.”

When a criminal threatens force to provoke the police into shooting him, it is called 'suicide by cop'! When an alliance of nations wishes to provoke an incident in order to justify a long-planned attack, they send a low-flying supersonic jet to be shot down by the target nation to garner public sympathy! While the 'lapdog' press quickly identifies the former for what it is, they shamelessly play along with their elite masters in collaborating with the cover-up and refusing to call a 'spade' by its proper name! The history of false-flag attacks runs the gamut from those where the State attacks itself and falsely blames it on an enemy, to completely fabricated attacks, to those it provokes to justify declaring war - recent history includes the Lusitania sinking to start WWI, right up to 9/11 starting Mid-East wars!

Coincidentally, this deliberate provocation to kick off the start of WWIII occurred on the day another false-flag event had been expected to take place on American soil - see my earlier article for details! Did the Nobel-Peace-Prizewinner-in-chief decide the time to strengthen his flagging reelection hopes was passing by, but that an 'attack' on home soil had received too much exposure in the blogosphere? How many times will a tired ploy be used before we wake up to the wool being pulled over our eyes?

Even as the leader of the provocateur State rants about the need to respond with military force to the shooting down of his fighter jet after violating the territory of a neighbor in aggressive flying stance, he remains strangely subdued about an attack by another neighbor that took place not too long ago in international waters where 8 unarmed countrymen were executed in cold blood by commando forces! But I guess that old saw applies here - you know, the one about "different strokes for different folks"?

Wake up people, while there is still a little time left - very little, I might add! While your leaders keep dreaming up every possible way to distract your attention from the real problems afoot in the world - you know, like jobs, the economy, unpayable debts, your grandchildren's future steadily disintegrates!

Syrian Air defenses firing on Turkish jet in Lattakia

Turkish Jet Was In Syrian Territory – Flying Very Low – When Shot Down

Syria Had No Time to Take Any Other Action

The world is already in Cold War 2.0 in Syria.  Now we are edging closer to a hot war.
Self-defense has been a recognized legal right for thousands of years.
But when empires wish to go to war against a country, self-defense is seen as a criminal causus belli.  For example, Turkey admits that its fighter jet was in Syrian territory when it was shot down.
Indeed, the Turkish fighter jet was flying very low and very close to the Syrian shoreline:
“The plane disappeared and then reappeared in Syrian airspace, flying at 100 meters altitude and about 1-2kms (0.6-1.2 miles) from the Syrian coast,” Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told a Damascus news conference.
“We had to react immediately, even if the plane was Syrian we would have shot it down,” he said. “The Syrian response was an act of defense of our sovereignty carried out by anti-aircraft machinegun which has a maximum range of 2.5 km.”
And yet Turkey is calling Syria the aggressor:
In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Turkey condemned the “hostile act by the Syrian authorities against Turkey’s national security”, saying it posed “a serious threat to peace and security in the region”.
Specifically, the Turkish president:
Put the onus on Syria to explain why its army chose to shoot first, rather than try to establish radio contact, fire warning shots or even send up aircraft when the F4 crossed into Syrian territory.
However, the Turkish jet – a McDonnel Douglas F4 Phantom – had a top speed of 1,485 miles per hour.
If the Syrians spotted the jet one mile away, that means that they would have had 2.5 seconds to react (1,425 mph ÷ 60 minutes in an hour ÷ 60 seconds in a minute equals .4 miles per second; so it would take 2.5 seconds to travel 1 mile).
2.5 seconds is not long enough to try to establish radio contact, fire warning shots or send up aircraft. Therefore, Syria had only 2 choices: shoot the jet down, or let it fly over Syrian land.
This is allegedly footage shot with an iPhone of the actual shootdown of the Turkish jet:

Here is a still from that video, purportedly showing the jet crashing into the ocean: zoomplane2 Turkish Jet Was In Syrian Territory   Flying Very Low   When Shot Down
Postscript: Turkey now claims that Syria has shot at a second plane, which was “only” in Syrian airspace for 5 minutes.
Note: The Turkish jet might not have been flying at its top speed. Even so, it is likely that Syria had no time to take other action.
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One Response to Turkish Jet Was In Syrian Territory – Flying Very Low – When Shot Down

El Sid says:
Hm. Flying low and fast across or close to a hostile frontier. Sounds like the F4 was testing Syria’s air defenses. Guess what? They worked fine.
Back to the drawing board.

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