July 07, 2012

7/7 & 9/11: State Hoaxes Bamboozle Gullible Masses

7/7 in 7 minutes: Unanswered Questions | Global Research TV
Carl Sagan“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

Fed up of continuing to be bamboozled - ready to take back your power from those State charlatans? To do so, you must first come to the painful realization that you have been taken in by the deception. Understand the source of the controllers' power - playing/preying on the base human emotion of fear and you at once discover the way to neutralize it - exposing the lies of darkness to the light of truth. Security drills conducted in the London subways the very day of the terror attacks (same as for 9/11) and at the identical three stations (out of 274) - hmmm, care to calculate the odds of that happening? The BBC program aired in May, 2004 which predicted one bus and 3 subway bombings - want more? Curiously, no CCTV photos exist showing that any of the accused boarded trains at station platforms!

But never mind, we can ignore all these glaring inconsistencies since our government never lies to us! Now I know those Mooslims are said to be quite cunning, but does that include the ability to resurrect bin Laden after almost 10 years below ground so that an unpopular President can kill him a 2nd time? How about Saddam - killed in a 2003 airstrike, though given a second lease on life until one of his doubles was hung three years later? Check out these and other reality checks in the first article below!

Let he or she who has eyes open them now (before the order comes to shut them) and see the truth! While the planet steadily advances toward WWIII, the stakes get higher as today's great empire edges ever closer to economic Armageddon. Expect such deadly hoaxes to increase as that time draws near!

7-7-2005 Looking Back At The London Subway Bombing 7 Years Later

The official story of the 7-7-2005 London subway bombing is that 4 young Pakistani men met at the Luton tube station where they caught the 7:40 am train to Kings Cross Thameslink station.The government says they must have arrived 46 minutes later in time to catch trains at 835, 842 and 848. The problem with the Home Office story is that the 740 am train was cancelled. The 4 men left Luton at 7:56 and arrived at Kings Cross at 842 which was too late to catch all the trains that blew up within 50 seconds of each other starting at 8:50 am.
The  Home Office claims the bombs were homemade from hydrogen peroxide and carried aboard in rucksacks. But the bombs were military grade and collapsed a nearby wall. Eyewitnesses saw the bombs explode from underneath the trains and lift the trains off the tracks. Those same witnesses saw no Asian men on the cars that blew up. There was one witness who claimed he saw an Asian man on the No 30 bus. Richard Jones said he had got off with 11 other people at Tavistock square. Jones had previously worked at an explosives company. Parked near the square before the bomb blast was a white demolitions ban belonging to Kings Star, a controlled demolitions company. There was another problem with Mr Jones testimony.  The No. 30 bus had been diverted and was nowhere his intended stop. A nurse who rendered aid to the survivors said she heard two bomb blasts. What are the odds that she would die unexpectedly soon after contradicting the official story? They are quite high when you consider that this is the government that murdered WMD weapons expert Dr David Kelly on 7-17-2003.
There are other very long odds associated with believing the official story. The BBC program Panorama  on 5-16-2004 predicted 3 subway bombings and 1 bus bombing. They discussed how control coverage in the BBC and the rest of the media. A year later Peter Power, a consultant,  said that on 7-7-2005 he was conducting terror drills for an unnamed client which turned from a practice into a real time event. He said he was practicing for bomb attacks at that exact year, day, hour and at the same 3 stations that were struck. What are the odds of that? Let’s assume 1 in 10 odds for picking the right year in a decade, The London tube is closed one day a year so the odds of picking the right day are 1 in 364. The London tube is open 19 hours a day which gives you a 1 in 19 chance of picking the right hour. There were to the best of my knowledge 274 stations in 2005. So the odds of  picking the right 3 stations is calculated by multiplying 1/274 X 1/273 X 1/272. You could calculate the odds of Peter Power’s client picking the year, the day, the hour and the station by multiplying 1/10 X 1/19 X 1/364 X 1/274 X 1/273 X 1/272. Or you could improve the odds by realizing Tony Blair was Prime Minister and that Robert Kiley, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former Director of Logistics for the CIA, was appointed Commissioner of Transport for London. Kiley quit 6 months after the London bombings in January 2006, after five years in the job. He was paid almost £2 million in a settlement for standing down, and remained as a £3,200-a-day consultant.
There are some other long odds to calculate. The Israeli company VERINT was in charge of the CCTV cameras. Israeli companies were also in charge of security at the airports where  4  planes were hijacked on 911. The Israeli were also in charge when the Christmas Day bomber was let on board without a passport having paid cash for a one way ticket despite being put on a terrorist watch list by his father for being mentally unstable. The Israelis were in charge when the shoe bomber Richard Reid boarded Flight 63 from Paris to Miami on 12-22-2001. And the Israelis were in charge of security at Fukushima on 3-11-2011 which was exactly 7 years to the day after the Madrid train bombings of 3-11-2004. The Madrid bombings were exactly 911 days after the Israelis attacked America on 9-11-2001. The Stuxnet virus was designed by the Israelis to shut down Iran’s peaceful nuclear power project. It was found on the Siemens controllers at other plants in Japan but no definitive word whether or not Stuxnet played a role at Fukushima. I cannot comment on the odds of Israelis being in charge of security at terrorist events. Someone might hurt my feelings by calling me a dirty, filthy antiSemite.
What is of interest is the failure of the Israeli operated CCTVs to capture one video of the 4 young Pakistani men at Luton, at Kings Cross, the 3 other trains and the bus. This is a very high failure rate. There were no photos of any of the 911 accused hijackers. But we would not expect any because no evidence has been presented that even one Arab bought a ticket on any of the 4 hijacked planes.  There might be videos of the 4 Pakistani men boarding a later train from Luton station but the time stamp would make the Home Office look bad so it has not been released.
On 7-7-2005 52 people were killed in the London subway bombings by the Mossad with the help of traitors within the British government. 3 Pakistani men were most likely shot at Canary Wharf. Mohammad Sidique Kahn, the oldest of the 4 young men had helped the Leeds police with Asian gang problems The shootings were reported in several different  media outlets. The fourth man might have died on a bus that was blown up by people who hate Muslims and do not like anyone who is not a Jewish citizen of Israel. On 911 many Jewish Americans were killed. But no Israelis died. They either had moved out of the World Trade Center or were warned in Hebrew by the Israeli instant messaging service Odigo to stay away.
You would think that after dying for the Jews in World Wars I and II, after fighting wars that cost us more than 2 trillion dollars since the Israelis took down the WTC towers with controlled demolitions that we would be entitled to a little consideration. Maybe they know that we do not matter because they were told by their leaders have planned/  Maybe mass starvation, wars and a series of plagues are in the very near future if we continue doing what the Jewish owned politicians tell us to do and to believe.
I am not a dirty, filthy anti-Semite. I am a man who has committed the heresy of thinking the thought that the lives of 7 billion Goyim do matter.
Notes: My goal is debt cancellation for the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada and the rest of the world. No government debt period. Cancellation of £10,000 pounds of personal debt for every adult citizen in the UK and Ireland with the balance going into your pension-savings. Please consider this:
Will Brits Approve An American Military Invasion Of The City Of London? http://vidrebel.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/will-brits-approve-an-american-military-invasion-of-the-city-of-london/
This video goes into details I could not about the London 7-7 bombing. www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqEzk1ktrkM

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