July 15, 2012

Counterfeit 'Chosen' Congame: Time To Tell Taboo Truth

Video: The Great Taboo

28 Therefore, being a Jew is something that can't be seen, and [true] circumcision isn't something that can be seen in the flesh. 29 Rather, it's something that's inside the hidden Jew.
Because, circumcision is in the spirit of the heart, not from something that's written…
it's not there to be praised by men, but by The God!
-- Romans, Chapter 2

At least three heads of government were self-acknowledged terrorist leaders before entering politics! Fearful of losing WWI, the leaders of Europe were blackmailed into signing over half of Palestine (then controlled by the UK), before wealthy Zionists then agreed to convince the US to enter the war. Not satisfied with their ill-gotten territorial gains, they begin hostilities not long afterwards to occupy neighboring lands - constructing illegal settlements and stealing prime agricultural & water resources. Masters of purveying the victim complex, they have conned the WWII losers into paying $billions in reparations to supposed victims of a non-existent holocaust, which not even historians are allowed to challenge in any of a dozen European States, for fear of being sentenced to years behind prison walls!

But perhaps the biggest hoax they have perpetrated far and wide - including to their very followers, is that they occupy some special status as the 'chosen ones' of the Almighty God. Many self-proclaimed followers of the Christ (Savior) who walked the Earth two thousand years ago have bought the claim, holding to a simplistic view of an earthly Israel rather than the spiritual kingdom He brought news of. Today the descendants of those who co-opted the earthly authorities to put Him to death back then, publicly mock Him as an impostor even as they continue to wait in vain for the arrival of their Savior. Their religious leaders openly preach their superiority - likening non-Jews (Goy) to two-legged beasts whose sole purpose in life is to serve them and who they can legally harm or even kill with impunity!

As hard as I try, I am unable to think of any other people or religious group anywhere on planet Earth that would have avoided intense public scrutiny despite its leaders embracing such outlandish beliefs. Indeed, nearby countries are rightly pilloried for beliefs that treat women as inferior and I know of no other country on Earth that still practices ethnic superiority of the old South Africa or Nazi Germany. The longer we take to see their warped view of humanity - the more they believe in their superiority!

Ironically, it is an established fact that 95% or more of those laying false claim to a divine birthright have ancestral roots in the medieval kingdom of Khazaria (part of modern-day Russia) and share no common bloodlines with ancestral Jews - the Palestinians they subdue are more Semitic than they are! Revelation 3:9 speaks of "the blasphemy of those who say they're Jews… although they really aren't", calling them "a synagogue of the Slanderer (Satan)". Soon cometh the Almighty's Day of Judgment!

The focus of this article is not about berating Jews - who may even be unaware of rabbinical decrees! It is very much about exposing a belief which has led to ongoing disregard for human life and dignity. Many are still reluctant to 'call a spade a spade' for fear of being tarred with a brush of antisemitism!

More than one Jew has bravely stepped forward to spill the beans as seen in the first two links below! The sooner the rest of us Gentiles come to grips with the ambitions of a relatively few humans who believe themselves superior and 'set apart', the sooner some of today's worst problems will be solved!

Israeli Atrocities in Palestine-MUST WATCH


Avnery on Shamir’s Death – What Every Jew Must Know

Uri Avnery Takes Us into the Belly of the Beast – 50 Years of Real Israeli History

“Yitzhak Shamir is gone. Another Zionist terrorist is dead.”

…by  Jim W Dean, VT Editor             …. featuring  Uri Avnery

——————————– [Editor's note:  The direction here has more balance than one might suspect, more respect for a fanatic, Shamir was that, and words from one who knew him best, someone who shared the title of "Zionist-Terrorist" long before Israel was more than a dream.  Intro by Jim Dean, article by Uri Avnery, who spins the truth well and this comment by Senior Editor Gordon Duff] While corruption in leadership is systemic the world over, and certainly not a modern invention, the Israeli Zionist hard core elite took corruption to a new level.. They fully supported terrorism. They were actually the victimizers from day one, while wearing the victims’ sheep clothing, and huge numbers of Israelis were just fine with that. But our contempt in no way should be reserved for them. Our own various political structures and media, most reprehensibly those in the supposedly free Western countries has hidden this well known truth from their citizens for many decades. Not only do they censor the truth, but they promote the continued lying to the public down to the grammar school level. They are beneath contempt, except for the public’s cooperation for being a bit too easy to lie to. Uri Avnery is our VT expert on all things regarding Zionist history be it ideological, political, military or morals. He has provided us in his article below a unique retrospection on the death of former Israeli prime minister and terrorist leader Yitzhak Shamir.  For desert he includes another deeply flawed Israeli leader, Ehud Olmert, as a foil of sorts.
Being a famous former terrorist has always been a huge political resume polisher in Israel. Hard line Zionists, and even the medium variety feel more secure have experienced murderers at the helm.
But what of the bad public relations consequences you ask? There are not any. You see, those sworn to protect the United States ‘from all enemies, foreign and domestic,‘ …well…they don’t really like that domestic part, because it would include a good batch of them, you know…treason!! Why? Because our Founding Fathers always warned that the preservation of the American Republic, sometimes referred to as ‘the experiment’, would live or die based on ‘an informed public’.

The Wise Men Knew Where the Attacks Would Come From – And The Have
Intelligence agencies have huge divisions solely tasked to creating disinformation and confusion in targeted countries as part of their offensive operations. But here in the land of the free, while we have foreign Intel operations being run on us all the time, especially by the Israelis, we also have taxpayer funded government employees who are just as dangerous, making sure that ‘we don’t see it coming’ when they want to steal a little democracy from us. It’s the ole ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ schtick. You can add to the list both political parties, our media, most educational institutions and even some religious ones. Why? Because they know this is going on and they lie…if even by omission. What varies among them are the methods used. the degree to which they participate, and what outside motivation and encouragement is required to keep them serving in what I call their ‘adulterated oaths’.
The worst of these work for Israeli Intelligence on the side, and have for a long time. The list goes way up to the top where they are even given a special name, ‘protected entities’. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. All the law enforcement and counter intelligence people do. It’s an open scandal and a big morale problem in counter intelligence.

Uri – the Irgun teen at 14 – 1940
The details are below so I will not leak the gems that Uri has for us here, some from his personal experience. In closing I will share with you what I can only call an attitude of contempt from these people and entities toward their respective peoples. They think you are too stupid and naive to deal with realpolitik. They we would just go into a cave and cry all day if we really knew…so we don’t deserve to know. Yet they fully understand the attraction that most have to the delusion that we have a government ‘of the people’.  They are happy to indulge us and supply free straws to snort that up.
But the crooks on the inside, they can think of nothing more stupid than to put people that naive in charge. They consider us a national security threat. That is the mind game they play on themselves to not feel so bad in deceiving us all.

There are risks in standing up to power – They tried to kill Uri several times.
If you want some respect from these people you have to earn it. How? By busting them and putting their lying, thieving butts in prisons to rot, that’s how. But what do we actually do instead? We elect them to office. We let them run rigged party conventions, rigged 911 investigations, and refuse to investigate themselves. Imagine that? We even put them in the Justice Department were then can obstruct justice and block all possible ways of getting to them. And they are not too worried about us coming up with any new ways to get them…not worried at all. Uri will show us below the Israeli version of the scam, a la Shamir or Olmert. Those of you that are real angry with me right now for this very straight forward chat, I will close with a very old one liner.
Know thyne enemy.

Two Faces      …by Uri Avnery    July 14, 2012

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