July 25, 2012

Mobsters-In-Chief: Oval Office Killers And Thugs

Obama Linked to 2008 Murder of DNC Chair Bill Gwatney
and Death of Rep Stephanie Jones

The world has witnessed a new term added to its lexicon in the current decade - presidential kill lists! But as lawless as such lists ordering the summary executions of those who never get the opportunity to dispute their accuser`s claims may be, this article is intended to expose another sinister practice. No one is sure how long the practice of permanently silencing those who hold damning secrets about the past that can derail your campaign has gone on, but recent history has more than its fair share. The lengthy list already includes whistleblowers for the JFK inside job, keepers of an AWOL scandal embarrassing to a squatter-in-chief, secret-holders of the former governor of a `little rock` and his ambitious wife - and numerous past male lovers of a `bi`-in-chief who has not chosen to `come out`!

From the one-time CIA honcho who cut his teeth on the JFK assassination but had his reign cut short, to the slippery Teflon Don Juan who denied having relations with "that woman - Ms. (Jewish name)", to the Supreme Court-appointed squatter who kept his family name in the White House a little longer, to the Manchurian Candidate who feigned change but proved even more deadly than his predecessor, the world has seen a procession of ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to safeguard their `prize`!

Before I forget, the list also includes a former first lady who aims to return as head of her old house! While public attention focuses on recent mass killings by a lone gunman and overseas terror attacks, most remain oblivious about the ruthless characters who occupy the most powerful office in the land!

Hillary Clinton Murders




July-21-12 3:33

Exposing explosive allegations against the 2008 Obama campaign, Hollywood producer Bettina Viviano has gone on record saying former president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton were threatened with murder if they exposed what they knew about Barack Obama's ineligibility to become President of the United States
and what they know could destroy the Democrat Party while shaking America's political structure to its foundations: Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud, perpetrated fraud on the American people, illegally and unConstitutionally accepted the Oath of Office as the 44th President of the United States, and committed other criminal acts.
Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano
Viviano confirms other reports that the Clintons were well aware that Obama was not eligible to be president because of the issues surrounding his birth, but the top Democrat Party couple were terrorized into silence by a matrix of evil including threats, intimidation and a dead body.
Former AR Senator Bill Gwatney murdered
The dead body was former Arkansas Senator Bill Gwatney, State Chair of the Democratic Party of Arkansas who was allegedly murdered as a warning, Viviano says.
She claims Gwatney, a friend of the Clintons, was murdered as an act of terror to ensure the couple's silence.
Threats, intimidation, and murder are known to be the Chicago political way that has its roots in the bad old days when Mafia kingpin Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone ruled the city with an iron hand dripping with the blood of his enemies.
Fiesty AZ sheriff, Joe Arpaio calls Obama a fraud
According to The Daily Bell, "On August 13, 2008, Gwatney was shot by Timothy Dale Johnson at Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. Gwatney was taken to a hospital, but died at 3:59 pm CDT. The gunman was captured but no motive was ever discovered for the shooting."

Convicted assassin Timothy Dale Johnson

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