August 16, 2012

Submit and Obey - the False God of Statism

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“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

“The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

“In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”

“The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.”

Mention the word worship and for most people a mental image of someone in church comes to mind. In fact, though, the word is derived from the old English worthscipe - meaning worthiness of a thing - and is synonymous with the following words: revering, adoring, glorifying, idolizing - and adulation! Turning back the pages of history we see a divine right of ruler-ship asserted by kings and emperors, while the pharaohs of old claimed to be divine beings - insisting upon total worship by their subjects. Bible texts record that Israelites who once lived as scattered tribes one day approached the Almighty, demanding that they be given a king like the other nations around them. Displeased with the request, God relented and anointed Saul, leading to trouble. He later regretted the decision and rejected Saul!

Today almost all have forgotten the biblical injunction: "put not your trust in princes" (Psalm 146:3), as they place ever-greater emphasis on today's princes (politicians) to solve their growing problems. As they fail to heed the sage advice from on high, they grow to be ever more dependent on the State, looking towards it for every kind of protection, permission, and increasingly as an arbiter of morality. But as George Washington's words counsel: "Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master"!

The State will continue to play on our fears to justify its being until the Sun no longer rises in the sky! Times are about to get a whole lot tougher though, and we will increasingly be seen as just liabilities. The tyranny of the State will only be defeated when a critical mass relearns the skills of self-reliance!

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How To Defeat Tyranny

It is inevitable.  There comes a point in the development of every crisis, every catastrophe, every impending disaster, every act of methodical dictatorship, in which the generations selected by fate or destiny to endure the trial must attempt to look beyond the intellectual and the psychological, to deeply consider the greater philosophical or spiritual questions of their epoch.  Certain moments in history demand that truly free individuals relinquish their cynicism, and embrace that inherent world of form and conscience that exists in each of us but remains largely unexplained.  Without this act of “faith”, or intuitive knowing, good cannot exist, inspire, or prevail.

To understand what we face in our age of encroaching technocracy draped like glistening silicon across the face of a third world American cesspool, we must accept certain realities; the first and foremost being the existence of “evil”.  Not the evil of ignorance, that is easy to recognize.  Not the evil of apathy and moral relativism, though the stench of both sharply permeates the sour underside of our culture.  No, I am talking about pure, unbiased, unflinching, perfectly conscious and fully absorbed evil.  The kind that they tell stories about.  The kind that history books speak of almost in awe, as if it is miraculous in nature.  A dark tide.  A prehistoric leviathan.  An unbelievable and seemingly inhuman myth made manifest by astonishingly vile despots.

This evil is so overwhelming that many people today scarcely imagine it possible.  It is our society’s greatest weakness; the denial of ultimate malice.

Our current governmental system has adopted a policy of open theater, in which the two sides of the false paradigm now barely hide their farcical opposition to each other.  Their rhetoric no longer obscures their acts of political collusion in the destruction of our founding principles and Constitutional protections.  In the past several years they have acted in the best interests of corporate minorities and moneyed elites without hiding their intentions towards globalism and the destruction of sovereignty, fearlessly spitting on the redresses of the public.  All of this while they arm themselves to the teeth with billion-plus round stockpiles of ammunition and Orwellian surveillance technologies.   Yet, foolish subsections of our populace still argue that the government is a “product of elections”, and is “made up of Americans for Americans”.  Even if we do not see them as an enemy, they certainly see us as such. 

Our financial system is a stampeding procession of nightmare fueled blood-drenched circus freaks dancing in an ether driven haze of pungent absurdity.  It is as if our economy has become a morbid parody of itself, like a queasy piece of horror/comedy cinema.  We are so far along in the collapse of our markets that the banksters no longer see the need to hide the fraud.  With the advent of the Libor Scandal, governments, central banks, corporate financiers, all flaunt their criminality with pride.  Yet, some Americans still clasp their na├»ve hopes to a chance of fiscal recovery.

To fight against an evil of this magnitude takes more than anger, or physical preparation, or organization.  It takes personal exploration, a steeling of one’s heart, and a conquering of one's shortcomings.     

Tyranny, true tyranny, thrives on our selective awareness, and our ability to bend our minds and our vision to avoid seeing that which is really there.  In the end, victory over tyranny is less about guns, bombs, mass dissent, and civil fury; it instead requires an acceptance of the dark side of the world, and the unwavering will of honorable men ready to face it.  That is to say, the defeat of tyranny begins and ends in the mind. 

In America today, many minds are not ready to handle the trials ahead.  Maybe it’s the ease of several generations of uninterrupted prosperity.  Maybe it’s the Babyboomers.  Maybe it’s Generation X.  Maybe it’s the public education system.  Maybe it’s the water.  Maybe it’s all of the above and more.  At this point, we have little time to debate symptomatic culprits.  It is time to go to the root of the problem, and cut it out.

What we need is a foundation, a set of “personal rules for combat” when engaging a tyrannical establishment.  This “code” should above all else provide a way of mentally and spiritually confronting one’s own weaknesses and presumptions.  Dictators and oligarchs are not our primary concern.  Our inner state is.

Rule #1:  Stop Waiting For Others To Fight The Battle For You

If you want to put an end to totalitarianism, you can’t sit around waiting for other people to solve the problem for you.  The greatest downfall of any political campaign (even when led by a liberty minded candidate) is the centralization of popular focus on a single man.  There is no knight in shining armor coming to lead the Liberty Movement to the promised land.  These unrealistic expectations will only end in disappointment and nihilism.  The solution starts not with others, but with YOU.  Where do you contribute to freedom?  What actions have you taken?  Who have you inspired?  What ideas have you offered?  What project have you organized, struggled for, sweat for? Take the reigns of your own destiny and finally join the fight instead of perusing the internet longing for a guru to hand you a mission.

Rule #2:  Believe In Something Greater Than Yourself - Abandon Childish Cynicism

This is where we get all “spiritualized”, which for the typical cynic is a rather gooey and uncomfortable affair.  If accepting a higher purpose to the universe and your own existence is too much for you, then at least consider deeply the future of humanity in general.  Think not of what mankind is today, but what mankind could be tomorrow if you make it so.  Know that there is an indelible good within us, though it may be difficult to see at times.  Cradle that spark, and champion its return.  It is not enough to oppose tyranny.  One must know exactly what he is fighting for in order to triumph.

Cynics do not make history, or change a country for the better.  They are the forgotten dust wafting about in the wayward attics of time.

Rule #3:  Deal With Your Fear, Or It Will Be Used Against You

A subjugating government’s size, military might, technological superiority, and overall gravitas are irrelevant.  The fight will come whether we want it or not.  Accept the fact that the fight is coming to YOU; your fear of it does not change the eventuality of it.  Wars, especially those waged for freedom, are won by the will, not by arms or technology.  Not by laser guided missiles and predator drones.  Tyrants always have the advantage.  They always have the upper hand.  They win when they are able to convince the masses that this advantage makes them invincible and that resistance is a futile exercise.  They lose when the people could care less about the size of the guns pointed at them. 

All men are afraid to take risks, especially mortal risks.  However, great men understand the necessity of risk in the pursuit of that which is right.  Fear should play no part in your life, ever.

Rule #4:  Understand The Nature Of Tyrants

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