September 27, 2012

Wag The Dog: US Contemplates Life After Israel?

The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

Not long after 9/11, then Israeli PM Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres (now President) were arguing over foreign policy when Peres said that Israeli violence might "turn the US against us". Frustrated, a belligerent Sharon immediately retorted: "Every time we do something, you tell me America will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America... and the Americans know it."! These candid words by a former Israeli leader sum up the essence of a longstanding level of control - the likes of which it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a parallel for in the annals of history. But is this upside-down power structure about to right itself - will the dog regain control over its tail?

Over the decade since, the leaders of this tiny nation have only expanded their arrogance towards its chief benefactor and protector, throwing public tantrums to demand that US leaders do their bidding! But the 'cry wolf' strategy which worked so well for so long may now be wearing thin as the ability of (largely Jewish-controlled) establishment media to present a one-sided view of facts on the ground is overtaken by alternative sources, which increasingly expose the brutality of a rogue, apartheid State! In an unprecedented (and likely losing) gamble, its current top leader seems to have inserted himself frontally into the upcoming presidential election, casting his lot squarely on the side of the challenger. Should the incumbent be reelected (as is likely), he would have no influence at the new White House!

Evidence of a slow, but sure turning of the tide came to light recently with a leaked classified report! The 82-page report, entitled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East” - jointly prepared by all 16 US intelligence agencies is a damning indictment warning of a "Rogue State" engaging in major spying and interfering in US affairs, building illegal settlements, and is a drain on scarce financial resources. The report concludes that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national security & its economy!

As detailed in several articles below, Israel has a long and continuing history of false-flag operations throughout last century right up to 9/11 and 7/7, posing a nuclear threat through its Samson Option! Concerned about a repeat of the USS Liberty incident in 1967 which killed scores, all but sinking her, the US Navy was warned about such an attack on the lone destroyer, AEGIS, participating in the recent war exercises, issuing 'shoot to kill' orders for any unknown aircraft- even if marked as Israeli!

Needless to say, Zionist neocons are scrambling like crazy, vowing revenge on all who dare to expose the increasing danger they pose to their chief benefactor. Reports are that the near downing of JCS Dempsey's jet returning from a trip to Israel was retaliation for declining to support an attack on Iran!

Looking back at missed opportunities for executing any major false-flag attack in 2012, especially at London Olympics, in light of their track record one must wonder whether they were foiled in the act! Desperate men do desperate things though, so it pays to remain alert until the elections have passed!


Israel’s Netanyahu and the Jewish Neocons in America Vow Revenge

 by  Texe Marrs (with Jim Fetzer)

“The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations  with  Arab and  Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.”–Frank Lamb, “US Preparing for Post-Israel Middle East?”, Foreign Policy Journal
NOTE: I am publishing what Texe Marrs has reported, but it sounds right to me only as long as we accept that it may be the opening act in an elaborate, staged sequence of tossing Israel under the bus to shift its own complicity for 9/11 away from the US government.  And knowing this is coming, I surmise, may be one more reason for Bibi to gamble everything on a “false flag” attack on Iran today. For Marrs’ original, I have included the link below. JHF
Hell hath no fury like a Zionist Jew scorned. O.K. that’s not quite the way the famous author, William Congreve (The Mourning Bride, 1697), put it. But it’s still an accurate observation.
The arrogant Jews in Israel and America are so used to getting their way that when,finally, they are refused and told “No!,” they go absolutely wild in anger and disbelief.
Well, it finally happened…again. The last time these jackals from hell were told “No” was in 1963, when President John F. Kennedy informed Israel’s puffed-up buffoon of a Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion that, “No! The United States will not allow Israel to have nuclear bombs.”
That refusal ended rather badly for the courageous U.S. chief executive. The Jews’ Mossad, working in league with reprobate Vice President Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, and other traitorous killers, splattered JFK’s head and brain with the crack of snipers’ rifles aimed from several locations in the heart of Dallas, Texas.
All sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies concur in an authoritative new report that brands Israel an “illegal, criminal, and immoral” rogue state guilty of rampant terrorism, belligerence, racism, and genocide. The report recommends the United States discontinue the giving of billions in U.S. foreign aid and armaments to the Zionist State.
U.S. Intelligence Community Warns That Israel is a “Rogue State”
Now comes yet another dramatic moment in American and Israeli history. According to the authoritative Foreign Policy Journal, all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the DEA, the NSA, the FBI, and others—have drafted an amazing, 82-page classified report entitled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East.”
Currently being reviewed by the White House and by key Congressional leaders, the report brilliantly analyzes geo-politics and economics in the Middle East and globally. It concludes that Zionist Israel is the greatest single threat to American security and to the American economy.  JHF NOTE: According to Frank Lamb, “US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?” Foreign Policy Journal, its findings include:
  • Israel, given its current brutal occupation and belligerence cannot  be salvaged any more than apartheid South Africa could be when as late as 1987 Israel was the only “Western” nation that upheld diplomatic ties with South Africa and was the last country to join the international boycott campaign before the regime collapsed;
  • The Israel leadership, with its increasing support of the 700,000 settlers in illegal colonies in the occupied West Bank is increasing out of touch with the political, military and economic realities of the Middle East;
  • The post Labor government Likud coalition is deeply complicit with and influenced by the settlers’ political and financial power and will increasingly face domestic civil strife which the US government should not associate itself with or become involved with;
  • The Arab Spring and Islamic Awakening has to a major degree freed a large majority of the 1.2 billion Arab and Muslims to pursue what an overwhelming majority believe is the illegitimate, immoral and unsustainable European occupation of Palestine of the indigenous population;
  • Simultaneous with, but predating, rapidly expanding Arab and Muslim power in the region as evidenced by the Arab spring, Islamic Awakening and the ascendancy of Iran, as American power and influence recedes,  the US commitment to belligerent oppressive Israel is becoming impossible to defend or execute consistent given paramount US national interests which include normalizing relations with the 57 Islamic countries;
  • Gross Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States through spying and illegal US arms transfers. This includes supporting more than 60 ‘front organizations’ and  approximately 7,500 US officials who do Israel’s bidding and seek to dominate and intimidate the media and agencies of  the US government which should no longer be condoned;
  • That the United States government no longer has the financial resources, or public support to continue funding Israel. The billions of dollars in direct and indirect aid from US taxpayers to Israel since 1967 is not affordable and is increasingly being objected to by US taxpayers who oppose continuing American military involvement in the Middle East. US public opinion no longer supports funding and executing widely perceived illegal US wars on Israel’s behalf. This view is increasingly being shared by Europe, Asia and the International public;
  • Israel’s segregationist occupation infrastructure evidenced by  legalized discrimination and increasingly separate and unequal justice systems must no longer be directly or indirectly funded by the US taxpayers or  ignored by the US government;
  • Israel has failed as a claimed democratic state and continued American financial and political cover will not change its continuing devolution as international pariah state;
  • Increasingly,  rampant and violent racism exhibited among Jewish settlers in the West Bank is being condoned by the Israeli government to a degree  that the Israel government has become its protector and partner;
  • The expanding chasm  among American Jews objecting to Zionism and Israeli practices, including the killing and brutalizing of Palestinians under Israeli occupation,  are gross violations of American and International law and raise questions within the US Jewish community regarding the American responsibility to protect (R2P) innocent civilians under occupation;
  • The international opposition to the increasingly  apartheid regime can no longer be synchronized with American claimed  humanitarian values or US expectations in its bi-lateral relations with the 193 member United Nations;
  • The Draft ends with language about the need to avoid entangling alliances that alienate much of the World and condemn American citizens to endure the consequences.
Israel Cannot Be Salvaged

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