October 08, 2012

Conspiracy Of Silence: Powerful Pedophiles Pervert The Planet

Conspiracy Of Silence (Censored Discovery Channel Documentary)

Although it has been for the most part kept out of view of the public for at least the last two decades, pedophilia made a big return splash in 2011 with the widely-publicized Penn State child sex scandal! But despite this being just the tip of a large iceberg, notice how very quiet things have become since. Perpetrators of this sick perversion extend to the very highest levels of society, including politicians, priests, and policemen - investigations are stymied and completely shut down to protect the powerful. Both major political parties on either side of the Atlantic divide (US & UK) are up to their eyeballs in trying to keep the lid on a child-sex perversion that pervades Pennsylvania Avenue and Downing St. The Discovery Channel paid the BBC $500,000 to bury a revealing documentary just to keep it quiet!

Victims who dare to come forward have to face the raw, brute power of those in control of the State! Often finding themselves treated by authorities as if they were the perpetrator rather than a victim, they are threatened with being charged with perjury - often being forced to recant their testimony. Even when brought before a grand jury, the most damning evidence is withheld and never presented. Death threats and complete lack of cooperation are the responses to any who dare seek out the truth!

Sexual perversion (including child sex) resulted in the downfall of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah! As the horrific truth about the perverse practices of those who today would be viewed as respectable comes to light, the majority will experience a wave of utter disgust at their leaders - that day is near!

Journalist Banned From U.K. For Exposing Torture & Rape of Children

   We hold these Truths to be self-evident...

Pedophilia is at the core of US government. Fully documented and called “The Franklin Affair,” the CIA ordered that a child prostitution ring involved with political “leadership” of both parties not to be investigated, despite damning evidence.
Most Americans are unaware that a gay male prostitute was allowed over 200 visits to the Bush White House between 2003 and 2005 with a “press pass” issued by White House leadership. According to Secret Service public records of check-in and check-out dates and times (here and here), most of the prostitute’s visits included several hours of time before and/or after press conferences, 32 times on days without press conferences, and 14 visits without checking-out in apparent overnight stays at the White House residence of Mr. Bush.
The prostitute, Jeff Gannon, had no previous experience as a journalist and no association with any media when he began attending White House press conferences. The 3-minute video from the new documentary Invisible Empire below shows pictures of Mr. Bush kissing, fondling and embracing Mr. Gannon. Despite this damning evidence of Mr. Bush engaged in prostitute sex during White House business hours on our tax money, Congress refused to investigate.
Let’s review both of these histories.
The Franklin Affair was headlined in the Washington Times in 1989 (photo of headline here):

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