November 04, 2012

Escaping The Matrix: Moving Beyond Our Base Fears

Paulo Coelho
“If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.”

Noam Chomsky
“The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people.”

David Icke
“The reason we are so controlled is not that we don't have the power to decide our own destiny, it is that we give that power away every minute of our lives. When something happens that we don't like, we look for someone else to blame. When there is a problem in the world, we say "What are they going to do about it". At which point they, who have secretly created the problem in the first place, respond to this demand by introducing a 'solution' - more centralization of power and erosion of freedom. If you want to give more powers to the police, security agencies and military, and you want the public to demand you do it, then ensure there is more crime, violence and terrorism, and then it's a cinch to achieve your aims. Once the people are in fear of being burgled, mugged or bombed, they will demand that you take their freedom away to protect them from what they have been manipulated to fear. The Oklahoma bombing is a classic of this kind, as I detail in ..And The Truth Shall Set You Free. I call this technique problem-reaction-solution.

Create the problem, encourage the reaction "something must be done", and then offer the solution. It is summed up by the Freemason motto 'Ordo Ab Chao' -order out of chaos. Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order. Your order. The masses are herded and directed by many and various forms of emotional and mental control. It is the only way it could be done.”
David Icke

What if large numbers of people viewed life purely from the perspective of a long list of threats that must be controlled, rather than the opportunity to experience firsthand what it means to be human? What if the great majority of humankind were conditioned from childhood to be controlled using fear, never outgrowing their childhood insecurities throughout their entire lives? What if frightened 'adults' made up the majority in a democracy, forcing others to also regard the State as a surrogate parent? What if those among us who crave power because of their peculiar insecurities found that the easiest way to fulfill their cravings to control others was to play on their fears and offer to provide solutions? What if a never-ending stream of 'solutions' never solved, but only resulted in even greater problems?

What if, as the problems of mankind grew ever larger and more intractable, the majority insist that Mummy & Daddy lay down even more draconian house rules to rein in their non-compliant siblings? What if one day some of us start to see through the matrix of fear for what it is, a means of control? What if, as their fellow humans begin to awaken, the masses refuse to accept they have been tricked for so long, begging Mummy & Daddy to make us shut up by targeted killings or indefinite detention? What if they decided that their problems really came from Mummy & Daddy not being strict enough, so that more control was ceded - granting the 'savior' State even more power over wayward siblings? What if those who could see what was happening were ostracized by the masses, ruled by their fears?

What if a great majority is now so dependent upon the State for their very survival through handouts, employment and business, that they are incapable of imagining existence without Mummy & Daddy? What if the majority have lost the spirit of self-reliance, being conditioned to believe that the rest of humanity somehow owes them a living, or that they are entitled to dictate how others live their lives? What if those who seek power continue to deliberately mislead the masses for self-serving purposes?

What if, in order for humans to progress to the next phase in our development today's puerile masses must outgrow their dependence on the State, to move beyond today's fear- and control-based culture? What if such a paradigm shift proves to be beyond the capability of the great majority to accomplish? What if those who have awakened to the reality of fear-based control of society find out that most cannot be roused from their deep slumber and must physically pass in order for mankind to progress?

What if, in attempting to impose control over fellow humans in order to relieve our own insecurities, we actually pull the noose tighter around our own necks - resulting in widespread abuse by the State? What if the control we always felt we had over our leaders proved to be nothing more than a mirage?

What if all elements allowing the machinery of the State to be used against non-submissive subjects are now in place, supposedly to 'protect' you from the latest threat? What if placing your trust in an all-powerful State to do the right thing was not such a good idea after all, as we are soon to discover?

Anatomy of the State or: To Vote or Not to Vote

Eric Peters Autos

On Us vs. Them

October 28, 2012
The movie, The Matrix, explains a great deal.
Most people are brought up from birth within the system – “the matrix” – and psychologically and socially and culturally conditioned to accept it as their world. And more, the world as it is supposed to be. What separates people like those here from everyone else? Somehow, for whatever reason, we questioned. And we saw a flaw in the pattern (the green screen with zeros and ones, if you like, as in the movie). Something clicked – and we knew. The curtain fell away. We began to realize how thoroughly we’d been lied to about almost everything. Saw the fundamental violence of the system. The lie behind the facade of “democracy” and “consent of the governed.” Once you see, you cannot unsee. The pattern becomes obvious, transparant. And all of sudden, things make sense. A bleak sort of sense, to be sure. But for the first time, you truly understand.
But the downside is you are now an outlier, more or less alienated from the society in which you live. Other people are like zombies – because in a way they are. Just as in the movie. As in real life.
I have noticed two qualities that separate the people like us here from the Clovers out there: First, the habit of conceptual thought. Of reasoning from (and accepting the necessary consequences of) principles. Thus, we understand why it is so profoundly dangerous to countenance such things as “safety” checkpoints in order to (ostensibly) “get dangerous drunks” off the road. Because it follows that if the state arrogates unto itself the power to detain (that is, to arrest) people and search/interrogate them (no matter how cursorily) for no specific reason, without actual probable cause, then a principle has been accepted – ceded – and much more and worse will inevitably follow. Clovers cannot grasp this. They only see “safety” – and “getting dangerous drunks off the road.” The same point can be applied almost universally. For instance, “taxes.” A Clover will turn up his nose at a person who stuffs a Snickers bar in his pants at a 7-11 and walks out the door with it. He sees this as theft, which it is. But he does not see that it is also theft when he (and others like him) band together at the ballot box and vote to take much more than merely someone else’s Snicker’s bar. The Clover mind is unable to make the conceptual connection. Theft is somehow transformed into not-theft when it is done under the auspices of the state.
Second, Clovers have an under-developed (or crippled) sense of empathy. Though superficially, they often posture as the caring benefactors of their fellow men, in truth they have more in common with sociopaths who, like them, view other people as cardboard cutouts to be manipulated and controlled. The proof that they do in fact think this way is revealed by the fact that they will not or cannot confront the violence that is always at the end of their professed benefactions. The gun pointed at someone else’s head. The rough men in costumes who will come. Even the most petty-seeming failure to Submit and Obey will inevitably result in violence – possibly, lethal violence – being applied. What sort of human being countenances that? A human being who has lost – or never developed – the capacity for empathy. True empathy. Not the faux empathy of “helping” by controlling – and threatening. An empathetic man sees a fellow human being having difficulty and offers to help – himself. A Clover points a gun at someone else (or has men in costumes do it on his behalf) and forces that someone else to “help” – in the manner the Clover deems appropriate. In this way, the Clover satisfies his urge to control and direct – to apply force – and do to so under the guise of the humanitarian, even as his victims feel the boot on their throat, hear the handcuffs being locked.
They are asleep – or evil. There is no middle ground.

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