December 03, 2012

9/11 Mass Ritual: Nuclear Staged Event Closing Ceremony?

Even as the majority keeps burying their heads in the sand, preferring to believe the official version - Arab hijackers with boxcutters outsmarting the air-defense systems of the planet's sole superpower, plans may be afoot by the real culprits to up the ante with the staging of a more deadly nuclear event! For those who may still be in a State-induced coma, the above video does a pretty good job of pulling all facets of the ongoing cover-up together to expose the perps and their facilitators in high places. Suspects held on the very day with a van-load of explosives and filming the event while celebrating, who later failed polygraph tests were mysteriously released without charge, while 7 of the 19 accused hijackers later turned up alive, likely victims of stolen passports- none appear on any flight manifest!

However tragic the events of 9/11, it would have been insufficient to carry through with an agenda of preemptive wars sought by those calling for 'a new Pearl Harbor' without a fully developed narrative! Tim Osman, a valued CIA operative (better known as Osama bin Laden) who played a key role in the successful CIA-financed mujahedin's success in defeating the USSR's Afghanistan military adventure also suffered from advanced kidney disease - which finally claimed his life in early December, 2001. This did not stop the event planners setting up their former asset as the bogeyman to unite the public or fabricating videotapes admitting what was denied in an interview just two weeks after the attacks or a successor administration falsely claiming his scalp, despite credible evidence exposing the hoax!

Researchers have discovered that, in addition to being a deadly terror attack, 9/11 was a mass ritual planned years in advance by powerful interests guided by occult symbols, numerology and astrology! The deep symbolism extends from not only the buildings selected for the attacks, but incredibly, even the numbers of those buildings (WTC 1, 2, & 7) and the numbers of the planes selected for the event. The perpetrators went to enormous lengths to plan a blood sacrifice to herald their New World Order!

More chillingly, as covered within the featured article is an analysis of a particular research work that decodes hidden meanings and rituals associated with 9/11, showing that it was only the opening act! Like other ceremonial events (such as The Olympics) there are both opening and closing ceremonies. According to the researcher, the closing act is timed to coincide with the start of the next solar cycle that occurs on December 25, 2012- and culminates with the nuclear destruction of Phoenix, Arizona!

A word of caution to the reader - these predictions should neither be bought wholesale nor dismissed! The widely expected Olympics false-flag never materialized, most likely due to exposure beforehand. So articles like this serve a dual purpose - force the perps to abort their plans, while forewarning you!

The world of the early 21st century is undoubtedly more dangerous than at any time in recent history! Oftentimes this danger originates from quarters that we least expect and that wish to remain hidden. At the same time information is more widely accessible than ever before - take sensible precautions!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

How The Globalists Write The Script, And What Can Be Done to Change the Story

Neo: "What truth?", Morpheus: "That you are a slave, Neo. That you, like everyone else, was born into bondage... kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch – a prison for your mind." The Matrix 

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Jack Mullen
Activist Post

In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus and Trinity knew that something in reality had suddenly changed when Neo experienced a deja-vu. The deja-vu resulted as a bit of the virtual world reformatted changing reality enough so a new 'reality' presented with an advantage to the controllers.

It is interesting to pay attention to the matrix of ‘real’ life because there are many similarities to the inspired ideas communicated in the movie of the same name. If you pay attention long enough you’ll notice some deja-vu. This ‘real’ life appears to have scripted components that when noticed change reality right before our eyes.

Right now the global controllers are modifying the script so as to bring about some kind of change that facilitates their plan of global domination and enslavement they’ll call global government.

The stage is being populated with new props and I sense a deja-vu.


I think the sociopolitical framework of the united States and the world are scripted plays created by powers-that-be having critical knowledge of human psychology and control of the world's media, education, money, military, religions, and energy (including food, water and medicine). And because it is important later, I will note the world’s-a-stage script writers are obsessively interested in esoteric occult symbols, numerology, astrology and religious ritual.

As many of you already know, the United States of America's over government (by agreement made called the Constitution), commonly known as the United States Federal Government (USG), was infiltrated and usurped many years ago; the final purge was nearly complete with the bankruptcy and subsequent relaunch of the USG in 1933. One way to help your mind work better when thinking about this is to mentally rename the USG. Renaming results in clearer thinking because it makes allegiances transparent. I like to think of the USG as Federists (rhymes with terrorists), which helps me remember I'm talking about a foreign occupational, hostile, well-funded, highly intelligent, malevolent gang of usurpers. Federists occupy the highest offices and control the primary enforcing agencies of the former USG.

Federists control of America is maintained first by deception, then bribery and blackmail and, finally, as needed, murder.

In other words, the control system that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth, is now in control of the world's wealthiest and militarily powerful nation on earth.

The world, then, is controlled by an unnamed, focused group of powerful, malevolent, super-staters, which, by proxy, occupy and control the highest offices, enforcing agencies and military of the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.

The world is controlled by the globalists.


The primary source of globalist power comes from pretended money in the form of currency and energy monopolies. All other controls are derived from these two sources. And, for future reference, these two main sources of power are the globalist’s Achilles heel.

Counterfeit currency is a system of pretended money loaned by imitation banks to governments at interest. The interest represents real wealth streamed back to the imitation banks in payment for the counterfeit currency (nothing).

The crux of the crime is that nothing of value is loaned in return for interest payments. Using the borrower’s promise to pay as currency, the imitation banks return debt as money. In other words, nothing of value was loaned by the bank in return for interest payments. Hence a system was devised so globalists can issue currency in nearly unlimited quantities, at no cost to the globalists, in return for an ever-growing stream of interest payments siphoning off the wealth of the borrowers.

The globalists using middle men like the Federists can then ‘loan’ unlimited (at least in the short term because this banking scam eventually self destructs) currency to the Federists, who use the currency to further the globalists agenda, while the globalist still retain the interest stream now passed off as income tax to the working class of the united States of America.

The actual currency (dollar) is worthless, but derives a phony value because people accept the dollar in trade for real goods. Since the currency grows on trees, the quantity can always increase (and of course it does), thereby reducing the supply of goods available causing prices to rise in proportion to the quantity of pretend money in existence. The rising prices are a second form of tax since it now takes more dollars to purchase the same goods. (Your loss of purchasing power has been transferred to the Federists to be used in service of the globalists.)

Using this currency, the globalists can then fund legislation in the affected country to erect monopolies on energy, buy and control the media, fund education trusts and university grants, bribe and control religions and the military.


For the record it is easy to write the script when you own the media, schools, churches, energy, money and military.

The globalists write the script through careful control of images, themes and thought. Deception is the operative concept, even if the details are complex and complicated. In essence, the globalists frame the problems of the world and then provide the solutions. Many people have reported this idea; David Icke calls it ‘problem, reaction, solution’. Using fear as a means of gaining and keeping attention, globalists, behaving like the best magicians, maintain your attention on fear while they move the props around the stage. Then when horrific problems do emerge (usually staged), the globalists through their operatives are standing by with solutions -- solutions that require the transfer of more power, wealth, resources, liberty and subjugation to the globalists.

Strictly controlling the media and churches with propaganda and topic restrictions, while limiting your energy, issuing your currency and directing the military, the globalists have near total control of an individual’s mind, wealth, health and spirituality. This control is used to create a pseudo-world, not a complete Matrix (I hope), but a mixture of scripted and directed macro story and permitting a limited personal-directed micro story. You do have control of parts of the play, but the point is, “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”


Mind control of Americans is of pivotal importance to the globalists because America has been captured and occupied by the Federists; it is their primary tool of action and it is Americans that have the best chance of switching off the Matrix and welcoming everyone to the real world.

The American media, with the exception of some uncontrolled, unaffiliated, non-denominational, unregulated, alternative media is busy supporting normalcy biases or fear (as needed) via images and symbols. Images and symbols are necessary to maintain control of the mind while transmitting massive, encrypted data through the short hand of symbols.

The events of Nine-Eleven (leaving the numerology in the background) permitted a glitch in the Matrix, a deja-vu was noticed by the very sensitive, the Matrix was updating the stage to facilitate the globalists. Unlike other false flag events throughout history, however, Nine-One-One happened in a time of technology benefiting the global media. The global media, being controlled by the same people that perpetrated the crimes, provided the globalists with an unprecedented opportunity to reach the minds of Americans and the world in a real time televised ritualistic mass murder. Murder, being one of the ways the globalist maintain control over Americans (as needed), the globalists were signaling a change in the Matrix to include tighter control of Americans (the new security, police state.) Tighter control that would require cooperation from Americans to achieve. American cooperation was secured using hypnosis and trauma-based mind control. The events of Nine-One-One were orchestrated to move the globalists to the next level of their long-term plan.


For decades awake Americans and others have put together the pieces forming a story that told of the controllers - the globalists - destroying the world’s social structures, reducing populations and reforming a unified global society taking the form of communism or some similar socio-political-economic top-loaded tyranny. Communism and its collective cousins are pseudo-economic and socio-political systems invented by the globalists as tools to manipulate minds into cooperating with their own enslavement.

The globalists, it seems, are not happy controlling nations while raping and robbing the people through deception. The globalists have a higher goal: the goal of ruling the world outright, not through deception but through outright tyranny. Perhaps the globalists tire of ruling by deception, only able to tell their story through predictive programming and the works of obscure minions given tidbits of inside information.

Regardless of the reasons, the globalists are moving quickly now to complete their prison planet. In fact it is critical to finish their handy work now because many people are waking up, unplugging and noticing the real world. It’s also critical to finish now because the universe is waking up and the sun and the earth are responding with changes of their own.

You see the globalists know Americans, armed with the vestiges of a philosophy supporting right to life, a philosophy that supports individuals living their own life as a means to their own ends, still have an opportunity to change the script.

Americans are also armed with the necessary weapons to take back control of the nation by throwing out the Federists and arresting globalists where ever they may be.

But the clock is running, tick tock, the next change in the Matrix is coming and this time Americans will be traumatized into cooperating with their own disarming.


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